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TREK Facts

M’Goun Gorges and Ighil M’Goun summit: 6 Nights / 7 Days

Trek Grade: Strenuous

Day 1:

1. Depart Marrakech by car

2. Pass by Ait Bougumez (Happy Valley)

3. Overnight stay in Agouté

Day 2:

1. Depart Agouté

2. Trek to Assif N’Arouss Valley

3. Trek to Azib Arouss for overnight stay

Day 3:

1. Depart Azib Arouss

2. Trek along the Tizi N’aghouirit Valley

3. Trek to Tarkeddid Plateau for Overnight Stay

Day 4:

1. Early Breakfast, Depart Tarkeddid Plateau

2. Trek to Summi of M'Goun (4,068m)

3. Descend to Oulilmt for overnight stay

Day 5:

1. Depart Oulilmt

2. Trek alon Oulilmt Valley

3. Overnight stay in Teghremt N’Ait Ahmed

Day 6:

1. Depart Teghremt N’Ait Ahmed

2. Trek to Tizi N’Ait Imi (2,900m) and Ait Imi (1,900)

3. Descend to Tabant for overnight stay

Day 7:

1. Depart Tabant

2. Return to Marrakech by car

M’Goun Gorges and Ighil M’Goun summit: 6 nights / 7 days

Trek Grade: Strenuous

This trek will take you up the second highest peak in the Atlas Mountains and around the valleys nearby; it is a breathtaking trek in every sense, offering stunning views and spectacular gorges with numerous river crossings.

Day 1: Marrakech - Azilal - Ait Mehammed - Tizi N’Ait Abbes - Agouti:

Transport from Marrakech towards the east, passing by many towns and villages on the way to the western high atlas mountains. Picnic on the way and carry on our drive to get to Ait Bougumez (Happy Valley), untill Agouté where we stop for the first night in Berber village or tent.

Day 2: Agouti - Ait Said - Arouss - Aazib Ikiss:

We start our trek following the guide and the team who will join us during this trek, we follow the piste that lead us to Assif N’Arouss valley, passing by the Ait Said hamlet from where we see the M’goun Peak. We continue on to Azib Arouss to visit the Arouss Gorge and for the overnight camp. (About 6 hours' walk.)

Day 3: Aazib Ikiss - Tizi N’Oumskiyq - n’Aghououiri - Tarkeddid Plateau:

After breakfast we set off following the valley to Tizi N’aghouirit, where we stop for lunch. We then continue our walk to the Tarkeddid Plateau from where we can see the Tassaout Gorges. We camp here overnight. (About 5 to 6 hours' walk.)

Day 4: Tarkeddid Plateau - Irhil M’Goun Summit - Oulilimt:

Following an early breakfast we climb one of the most famous mountains in North Africa, M'Goun (4,068m), from where we can see views over the Ait Bougmez Valley. We then descend to Oulilmt for overnight stay. (About 9 to10 hours' walk.)

Day 5: Oulilimt - Ain Aflafal - Teghremt N’Ait Ahmed:

Following a hard day on Day 4, Day 5 is more relaxed with a later start and an easy trek through the Oulilmt Valley (sandles are needed for river walking). The trek finishes at Teghremt N’Ait Ahmed where we stay overnight. (About 5 hours' walk.)

Day 6: Teghremt N’Ait Ahmed - Tizi N’Ait Imi - Ait Imi - Tabant:

We set off from Teghremt N’Ait Ahmed, passing by Tizi N’Ait Imi (2,900m), from where we will see the Happy Valley and M'goun. We have lunch in Ait Imi (1,900) and descend to Tabant, where we have an overnight stay in a Berber Gite. (About 7 hours' walk.)

Day 7: Tabant - Agouti - Cascades D’Ouzzoud - Marrakech:

After breakfast we return to Marrakech by car.

6 nights/7 days
  • March to May
  • September to November
Trip Grade
  • Strenuous
  • Altitude exceeds 2000m