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Caleche Ride in TaroudantThe Real Morocco Programme

This unique programme is designed to give you an authentic experience of Morocco with insights into the lives of local people, their culture, traditions, geography and wildlife that few visitors to Morocco will be given the chance to enjoy.

It is a series of cultural experiences and excursions based in Taroudant in south west Morocco - easily accessible from Agadir or 3.5 hours from Marrakech, and far enough away from the major tourist centres to enjoy a genuine experience of traditional Morocco.

The number of excursions (map of excursions) and cultural experiences which you may participate in depends on the length of your stay - the longer the stay the greater the choice open to you. In peak seasons, shorter stays may not be possible.

3 day stays (4 nights): 1 excursion guaranteed ** and a choice of cultural experiences

4 day stays (5 nights): 2 excursions guaranteed** and a choice of cultural experiences

6 day stays (7 nights): 3 excursions guaranteed** and a choice of cultural experiences

** the excursions marked in the table below are the most popular. The remaining longer excursions may be available for a supplement.

Activities are based from La Maison Anglaise Guest House (subject to availability), a Green Key certified and competitively priced accommodation option, or you may choose to stay at a mid-priced or luxury accommodation.

Excursions and Cultural Experiences on offer (see map)


Berber Villages of the High Atlas **

An insight into Berber households and cottage industries in an area not normally visited by foreigners, with opportunities to support local projects.

Caleche Trip: A guided ride in a horse drawn carriage to see the town, walls and tanneries.

Cookery: Informal Moroccan cookery lessons, with a cook book for sale to support community projects.

Trek: Mentaga or Irguiten Valley **

An easy walk in the mountains to enjoy the scenery and wildlife of this little visited part of the High Atlas. The walk is flexible with panoramic views of the peaks and a walk through oases.

Hammam and Massage: The local "Turkish" baths, using rhassoul mud, henna and soft soap to improve your skin and hair. Optional extra: a massage, using the local, highly therapeutic argan oil or, if desired, any of the essential oils you may have purchased in the souk.

Tiout Oasis, Souss Plain and Anti-Atlas Mountains **

An insight into subsistence farming and wildlife in the arid landscapes of valleys, oases and the mountains bordering the Sahara, see an old Kasbah and visit a women's cooperative.

Mint tea and Berber meal: A tasty traditional tagine taken in a Berber house in the High Atlas Mountains.

Shopping in the Souk: Guidance on where to buy, how to spot and bargain for the best quality produce.

Trek: Afensou and upper Mentaga Valley

A longer trek in this little visited and verdant part of the High Atlas. The walk is flexible; the normal route offers panoramic views of the peaks, a walk through oasis gardens and into a gorge.

Language: Arabic or Berber language lessons and a chance to practice your French.

Henna Tattoos: Non-permanent tattoos created by an artist using natural ingredients.

Trek: Tiz n'Test Pass (weather dependent)

A half day trek from the top of this spectacular mountain pass (2011 metres altitude), widely held to be the finest in Morocco, into the valley below, which produces wild lavender and thyme honey.

Trek: Anti Atlas "Paradise Valley"

A scenic drive and a hike up a beautiful palm filled gorge, a haven for wildlife, in a remote part of the Anti Atlas Mountains with a chance to visit religious sites.

Atlantic Coast and Souss Estuary

A flexible itinerary exploring the area south of Agadir - the estuary (renowned for bird watching), beaches and dunes - with options to ride camels, visit a craft village or to visit Agadir for children’s amusements, the marina and the Kasbah viewpoint.

Massa Lagoon

Visit one of the most renowned sites for birdlife in Morocco, with a knowledgeable guide. This trip is centred around the lagoon and beach, but is flexible according to your interests.

Tamri and the Coast North of Agadir

Visit the beaches, cliffs and dunes of the Atlantic coast north of Agadir, including opportunities to see the endangered bald ibis at Tamri or near the lighthouse of Cap Rhir (often programmed as part of a transfer to Essaouira).


Craft Activities: Learn local crafts, e.g. leather work (e.g. sandals), jewellery, carved stone, henna tattoos.

Feast for the Senses: A wonderful celebration of your experiences in Morocco (minimum group size 8). Best that we keep the details a secret so as not to spoil your enjoyment.

Music: Live Moroccan music by a nationally acclaimed Berber women's band from the town, which is likely to induce dancing (not available during the month of Ramadan).

Gardens and Architecture: A practical introduction to the inspired garden and building design that Morocco has to offer. Plants thrive in the exceptional Taroudant climate.

5-7 nights