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Morocco Kayak School: 10 Nights / 11 Days

Day 1 Arrive Marrakech and overnight in hotel

Day 2 Transfer to camp at Bin El Ouidane in the Middle Atlas

Day 3 Practice basic strokes and transfer to mountain camp

Day 4 River practicing of support strokes, pm at leisure

Day 5 A short day today practicing stopping and "eddying out!"

Day 6 Paddle downstream through Tilouguite - evening camp

Day 7 Introduction to rapids

Day 8 More roller coaster rapids, plus the twists and turns of a stunning gorge

Day 9 A few fun rapids until the river opens up into the lake and we get picked up by motor boat and taxied across this beautiful lake. Swim in the cascades and transfer to Marrakech

Day 10 A day exploring Marrakech

Day 11 Depart Marrakech

MOROCCO KAYAK SCHOOL: 10 Nights / 11 Days

Our Whitewater Rafting trips north of Marrakech are only available during April, possibly March or early May depending on water conditions

The itinerary is run by a highly professional specialist company with experienced instructors.

Set amongst the middle Atlas, the Ahansal is one of the most scenic spots we have ever been kayaking and it presents a perfect opportunity to learn to kayak. People often see kayakers on trips and think "wow, that looks cool" and think how they too would love to learn how to kayak... but preferably in a warm climate!" This is an opportunity to learn a great new skill from some of the best kayakers in the world on a pretty mellow river, and with beautiful weather to top it all. Experience the adrenaline rush when you take on your first white water sucessfully... what a buzz. And on your last 2 days through a stunning, steep sided gorge where you will experience a tranquility you’ll never find anywhere else as you look up to the deep blue sky... you and your boat now in perfect unison. And when you reach the lake, Bin El Ouidane, quiet reflection on your personal achievement as you sit back and take in the scenery in all it's splendour. This is a trip for those wanting something more than just a holiday.

Day 1

Arrive Marrakech and taken to your hotel for the night. (Not included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.)

Day 2

Gorgeous drive to the heart of the Atlas mountains. Views are stunning and we camp at Bin El Ouidane, outfit our kayaks, teach you some basic paddle strokes on the flat water and enjoy an evening paddle! (Included: All meals.)

Day 3

We take to the warm lake for more practice on your basic strokes and learn new ones, and to start on the Eskimo Roll! We drive in the afternoon, into the mountains to our gorgeous first night's camp beside the river! (Included: All meals.)

Day 4

We spend the morning on the river practicing support strokes, catching "eddies" and eskimo roll practice. The afternoon is spent at leisure, going for a walk and taking in the amazing scenery! (Included: All meals.)

Day 5

It will be a short day today as we practice stopping and "eddying out!" Crystal clear water, try your hand at fishing. (Included: All meals.)

Day 6

We paddle through Tilouguite. A gorgeous village, with local children taking the chance to "hitchhike" down river with us. We camp amongst cedar trees for the evening. (Included: All meals.)

Day 7

The rapids on this river are not large, but instead are perfect for learning, with small wave trains and lots of rocks and "eddies" to practice stopping in! (Included: All meals.)

Day 8

Today sees more roller coaster rapids, plus the twists and turns of a stunning gorge. We kayak little more than 4-5 hours per day, leaving plenty of time to go and explore nearby villages, or just sit around with your fellow kayakers and discuss the day! We light a fire tonight and watch the gorgeous glow in the canyon walls. (Included: All meals.)

Day 9

A few fun rapids until the river opens up into the lake and we get picked up by motor boat and taxied across this beautiful lake. A great chance to sample a beer or 2 and revel in your achievement. We pack up the vehicles, stop for a swim at the cascades, and take in dinner with our group in Marrakech. (Included: Breakfast and lunch.)

Day 10

A day exploring Marrakech and exploiting your credit card! Truly a great fun place! (Included: Breakfast.)

Day 11

Fly home. (Included: Breakfast.)


Trip Extensions can be arranged to the High Atlas, the Deep Desert and the Coast

10 nights/11 days
Middle Atlas