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Located some 35 km from Fez and 5 km uphill from Sefrou is the village of Bhalil, which still has a number of cave houses (troglodyte dwellings) built into the mountainside.

Centre of Bhalil

Still inhabited, the caves provide their occupants with a large single living space used for cooking, sleeping and daily living and above which for some is a bedroom. The caves and their occupants provide a rare and unique glimpse of a very different Morocco to that of the cities and the Berber villages to be found elsewhere in the country. There is an official guide in the village should you want to travel independently, otherwise it makes a very intriguing stopover on a wider tour of the area, including the towns of Sefrou and Ifrane, which can be arranged with our guide Hassan, in Fez, through Naturally Morocco.

The village itself, said to have pre-islamic christian origins, is full of whitewashed houses in narrow streets around the hillside, with a number of bridges spanning a small river which feeds the communal laundry and the main well from which the inhabitants draw their water.