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LA MAISON ARABE - 1 day cookery course

Home of one of the most famous restaurants in Morocco, La Maison Arabe's cookery workshops for the amateur or professional cooks are held (usually from mid morning to early afternoon) in a dedicated cookery school located a short walk from the hotel. The workshops are conducted by a 'dada' (traditional Moroccan cook) or a chef from the Moroccan restaurant.


La Maison Arabe cookery school

The half and one day cookery courses are run by a traditional Moroccan cook for up to 8 people and are available to both residents and non residents. A translator provides detailed preparation and cooking instructions and, at the end of each workshop, you’ll eat the meal you’ve prepared, either an appetizer and a main dish or a main dish and dessert.

Menu Options

Menus for the day are determined by course attendees who can select their preferences when they register. Examples include:

Cookery at La Maison Arabe

Chicken tagine with lemon and olives

Lamb tagine with figs and walnuts, or dates and almonds

Chicken, seafood or pigeon Pastilla

Lamb couscous with vegetables

Vegetable briouates (little filo pastry turnovers)



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  • Half day
  • 1 day