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LES JARDINS DE LA MEDINA - 1 day cookery course

Les Jardins de la Medina invites you to discover, create and share some authentic dishes, as they are still prepared in the great houses of the Kingdom. Learn how to combine different tastes and aromas under the supervision of a Moroccan cook, who will pass on her knowledge, either in a group or individual class. Sanaa, our head cook, and Karima, her assistant, will be your teachers. They will guide you step by step through the choice of ingredients, quantities of spices and cooking times. They will pass on their ancestral knowledge and many secrets with great passion.


Cookery Courses


According to your available time and your budget, you can choose from the following courses:

- A cookery demonstration
- A cookery lesson
- The culinary stay

Lessons take place under a carved wooden arbour on one of the hotel's large terraces. In this way you learn all about traditional Moroccan cuisine whilst enjoying the panoramic views over the hotel gardens and the ochre rooftops and red walls of the ancient Imperial City.

1 day