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Nfiss Gorge, Azzaden Valley & Tahliwine: 3 nights/4 days

Trip Grade 2 Moderate

Day 1

  1. Depart accommodation by Taxi
  2. Start trek at Marigha
  3. View Nfiss Gorge
  4. Overnight in Tassaouirgane

Day 2

  1. Trek to Tinzert
  2. Overnight in Tahliwine

Day 3

  1. Trek to Azzadene river
  2. Trek on to Tisgui
  3. Overnight in Tisgui

Day 4

  1. Trek to Ouirgane (c 15.00)
  2. Return to accommodation in taxi

Nfiss Gorge, Azzaden valley & Tahliwine: 3 nights/4 days

Trip Grade: Moderate (Altitude 2000m+)

Day 1: Ouirgane to Tassaouirgane

The trek again starts from Marigha. We will walk along the Tizi Meloul past to an old salt factory where people are still mining. Within an hour we will arrive within sight of the Nfiss Gorge, after which we cross the Ouirgane valley and walk to the village of Agouni, on to the village of Tassaouirgane along the beautiful valley of Azadene. The night will be spent in a Berber house which has a lovely traditional hammam, so one can enjoy a relaxing wash or a vigorous scrub!

Day 2: Tassouirgane to Tahliwine

On the second day we head to the village Tinzert. Just past the village we will stop for for lunch in a beautiful open forest area. After lunch we join the track toTahliwine for about 3 hours, arriving there at approximately 5pm.

Day 3: Tahliwine to Tizgui

After our night in Tahliwine, we will go down to the Azzadene river before climbing up the little stream towards Tizgui.

Day 4: Tizgui to Ouirgane

We will spend the night at Tizgui before heading to Ouirgane, arriving at around 3pm. There the taxi will be waiting to collect you and take you back to your accommodation.

3 nights/4 days
All Year
High Atlas
Trip Grade
  • Moderate
  • Altitude exceeds 2000m