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Ammassine, Kik Plateau, Amegrass & Tassouk: 4 nights/5 days

Trip Grade- 2 Moderate

Day 1

  1. Depart accommodation by taxi
  2. Start trek at Ammassine
  3. Walk to Kik Plateau
  4. Overnight in Berber village

Day 2

  1. Trek to reservoir near Amizimz
  2. Visit Tagederte
  3. Overnight near Tagederte

Day 3

  1. Trek to lunch stop at Aghbalou village
  2. Trek onto Amegrass village via Ait Zitoun
  3. Overnight in Ait Zitoun

Day 4

  1. Trek (3 hrs) to lunch stop at Tazatourt
  2. Afternoon walk to remote village of Ouchfilen
  3. Overnight in Ouchfilen

Day 5

  1. Walk to Nfiss Gorge
  2. Lunch stop in pinewood nr Tassouk
  3. Trek onto Ouirgane (c 15.00)
  4. Return to accommodation in taxi




Ammassine, Kik Plateau, Amegrass & Tassouk: 4 nights/5 days

Trip Grade: Moderate to Strenuous

Day 1: Ammassine to Kik.

The trek starts from Ammassine about an hour's drive from Marrakech. Begin by walking up to the Kik Plateau, passing many Berber villages along our route. Here you will see the diversity of the landscape and amazing views of the Atlas Mountains. 5-6 hours walking. Spend the night in a Berber village.

Day 2: Kik to Tagaderte.

On the second day we head towards Amizimz enjoying the beautiful scenery on the way to a large reservoir, passing many cultivated terraces before arriving at the village of Tagaderte. Here we will meet some of the people who work at the pottery supplying the pots for the weekly market. 5-6 hours walking. Spend the night just an hour's further walk from there.

Day 3: Tagadert to Amegrass.

After our second night we head to the beautiful village of Amegrass. We pass through 4 interesting Berber villages - Labouar, the pottery village of Tagadert, lunch stop is at Aghbalou village before heading to Amegrass village via Ait Zitoun. There we will be welcomed by a fresh mint tea. We will leave our luggage there before going for an hour's exploring, returning to spend the night there. 5-6 hours walking.

Day 4: Amegrass to Ouchfilen.

We start our day with a 3 hour walk to the village of Tazatourt where we have lunch. After lunch we go past few Berber villages, arriving at the remote village of Ouchfilen at around 4 pm where we’ll see a fantastic, dramatic landscape. 5-6 hours walking.

Day 5: Ouchfilen to Tassouk.

Our last day is a walk over the Nfiss Gorge towards the village to Tassouk and then following the track toward the pine wood where lunch will be cooked by our chef. 5-6 hours walking. Your trek finishes at around 3pm. There, the taxi will be waiting to collect you and take you back to your accommodation.

4 nights/5 days
All Year
High Atlas
Trip Grade
  • Moderate to Strenuous
  • Altitude under 2000m