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The year round warm waters, temperate Atlantic coastal climate and strong summer thermal winds result in great water for beginners and advanced alike.  Conditions and infrastructure make Essaouira the focus for most wind activities, and it is an interesting place for a rounded holiday.

Wind sports in Morocco

Morocco sits between the North African Desert Low pressure and the Azores High pressure systems, hence the Atlantic coastline feels a consistent north-easterly trade wind in the summer months.  In summer in places there is a strong sea-land thermal, with cooler air over the Atlantic rushing towards the hot interior.  Regions north of Essaouira do not benefit significantly from thermals, hence winds rarely exceed Force 4, but from the Essaouria region and southwards the winds often exceed Force 6 in summer (80% of days are reported to have winds or Force 4 or more in June to August).

Atlantic water temperatures are mild throughout the year and, although the air temperature is rarely high on the coast, the sun strength is consistently strong.  Water temperatures range from around 16 deg C in winter (summer suit/ shortie temperature) to 21 deg C in late summer (board short temperature).  Average air temperatures in Essaouira vary from 17 deg C in winter to 21 deg C in summer (compared to around 37 deg C in Marrakech).  Don’t be fooled by the cooling wind, sun protection is a must for all water sessions. 


Essaouira is a good place to head for beginners, intermediates and the more advanced, albeit winds are weak outside of summer, and are strong in the peak summer from midday.  An island sitting just offshore protects the sizeable bay from the worst of the Atlantic swell and offers relatively flat water conditions with almost unimpeded winds, ideal for learners and improvers to get wet in. 

Essaouira also has a large sandy beach, ideal for kite instruction, and several equipment hire and tuition shops, which are rarely very busy and can be booked up on the spot.  The town also offers an interesting distraction for the rest of the family, or for days when a rest is needed.

Whilst Essaouira is protected from the main swell, it still receives useable small sets and 20 minutes' drive by taxi away are several wave locations, including Sidi Kaouki (south) and Moulay (north), both of which tend to have a touch more wind than Essaouira but do not have hire shops.


South past Agadir (and the surf spots of Taghazoute) and into the Sahara takes you into very remote areas, but there are great spots which are starting to get more attention around Aglou and Dakhla (also with a flat water spot).

As noted, the northern region from Tangier down to the Essaouira region has less consistent strong winds and kit and tuition is effectively non-existent but, with beautiful scenery and interesting towns, it is worth a visit for the self sufficent. In Oualidia kit hire and tuition is available in the more sheltered waters of the lagoon.

Morocco also has a significant stretch of Mediterranean coastline; however, this offers neither the facilities for beginners, nor consistent strong winds for the more advanced, hence is largely irrelevant as a windsurfing and kitesurfing area.

1-7 days
  • Essaouira
  • Oualidia