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The temperate waters and climate of the Atlantic coast offer great opportunities for surfing in Morocco with usable waves all year round down most of the coast, with larger swells in winter months.  Essauoira is a good spot for beginners, and Taghazoute (near Agadir) a focal point for the more advanced.

Surfing Conditions in Morocco

The 1,835 km of Atlantic coast, from Tangier down into the Western Sahara, offers visitors a huge variety of surfing opportunities. 

Morocco is one of the best winter spots for European surfers, but it also has surf all year long, with solid surf in winter and small but useable surf in the summer months.  Additionally, in most major surfing and water sport towns (including Essaouira, Oualidia and Taghazoute) surf boards can be easily hired and tuition bought.

The warmth of the Atlantic flow gives water temperatures ranging from around 16 deg C in winter (summer suit/ shortie temperature) to 21 deg C in late summer (board short temperature).  With strong sunshine virtually all year round, sun protection is a must for short and long sessions alike. 

As with surfing anywhere, there are no guarantees to powerful peeling breaks at any time of year, but Morocco is relatively consistent, especially in the winter months - latest forecast.  There are dangerous rip tides in some of the breaks, and good research before you go is useful if you are planning to go to unusual spots.  Finally, if bringing a surfboard into Morocco, it will be recorded on your passport, hence must be taken out with you (even if broken) or, if stolen, a letter from the police will be needed.


The well known Atlantic resort of Essaouira, although most well known for its windsurfing and kite surfing, has useable swell on the protected main beach and a number of hire and tuition shops.  The town also offers an interesting distraction for the rest of the family, or for days when a rest is needed.  20 minutes' drive by taxi away are several larger wave locations, including Sidi Kaouki (south) and Moulay (north).


The coastal region near Agadir offers consistent good conditions from September through to April, with Atlantic swell working with light offshore trade winds.  Most well known are the breaks around Taghazoute, a town 30 minutes north of Agadir, which includes the internationally known Anchor and Killer points; however, as with any great surfing spot, the key breaks can be very busy and suffer from localism, so it is well worth a little effort to find a quieter break. This is an area for the more experienced surfer.

South from Agadir there are numerous surfing beaches down into the Sahara, but towns and facilities are more sparse. Therefore this stretch is there for the more adventurous and confident surfer wanting to get away from the crowds.

Heading north away from Taghazoute up to Safi there are numerous sites for all levels, with Safi being a good area with great breaks; however, in general surf tends to be more suited to the beginner and intermediate in this region. 

On the final Atlantic stretch north, the most notable areas for good surf are around Oualidia (where kit hire and tuition are available) and Rabat, and this stretch can have some of the best surf conditions in the summer months, but the breaks as far up as west of Tangier should not be dismissed for a great day out on the water.

1-7 days
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