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Activities at Auberge Le Festival

The area is wonderful for walking: either gentle walks on the valley floor or various more difficult routes for trekking, mule treks and rock climbing on the wall of the gorge which cuts through the Todra Gorge. The Auberge will assist you in these options:


  • An easy walk in the palm fields of Tizgui.
  • A 4.5 hour (or 6.5 hour if you do not want to catch the local minibus home) walk to the next village called Tamtatoucht via strikingly beautiful natural landscape, passing by a spring where nomads water their sheep and goats; the Berber families will probably invite you for tea and enable you to see their primitive way of life. Once you get to Tamtatoucht, you either do another 2 hours walk back to Le Festival or await the local transport which leaves at 5 in the afternoon. This path does not require a guide to show the way as it is paint-marked, but we advise it is best to be accompanied
  • A 5-hour route for the energetic: much more interesting than the first simply because it allows you to enjoy unlimited breath-taking views. This route needs a guide.
  • A 7 hour route is the best. You ascend for 1.5 hours then walk near the summits of the mountains overlooking the whole gorge; again this requires a guide

Mule treks: Of various lengths

Rock Climbing: Auberge Le Festival can provide ropes and other equipment for rock-climbing and sells a topographic guide for all the sites and provides a guide for this renowned site, including 25 equipped sectors, of which 4 for beginners

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