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Todra Gorge

The Todra gorge is a highly rewarding diversion off the main Ouarzazate to Merzouga road; it is a narrow and spectacular gorge with a thrilling approach as the walls of the gorge close in around you.


The Todra Gorge is about 3 hours’ drive (around 150 km) north east of Ouarzazate.

The fault guided gorge starts from the town of Tinerhir, a busy mining town, but it is most dramatic for a 600m stretch 15 km from there, where it is at its deepest (around 300m high) and narrowest (around 10m wide). It is easily accessible by car, with a hard surfaced road running through it.

It is particularly enticing to experience the impressive scenery on a sunny morning when the sunlight reaches the gorge’s bottom and the colours change. Recently it has become a centre of focus for rock climbers due to the hundreds of routes on offer in the area (see also Dades Gorge).


The gorge has a distinctive microclimate, since it mainly receives sunlight in the mornings. Even in hot weather, you’ll find the cave rooms at Auberge le Festival retain the same comfortable temperature, without air conditioning!


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Todra Gorge

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Auberge Le Festival is a charming, simple auberge that blends in with the mountains in a spectacular tranquil location beside the Todra Gorge, beyond where most tourists venture. It offers the option to sleep in amazing cave rooms, with solar generated hot water and electricity.

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