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M'Hamid lies 100 km south east of Zagora is the point beyond which there are no paved roads, and is of interest primarily for the moderate sized dunes of Erg Lehoudi and good quality desert camps that are to be found there.


M’Hamid is around 9 hours souh of Marrakech over the Southern High Atlas and Northern Sahara desert. It ilso accessible from Taroudant (around 8 hours) Both routes go via Ouarzazate.

Once an important market for trans saharan trade the main attraction is the dunes of Erg Lehoudi which are less touristy and more convenient for travellers arriving from Taroudant or Marrakech than larger Merzouga dunes, further to the East. A longer drive away in the same area are the large Chigaga Dunes which are some 300m+ in height which can be accessed by camel or by 4x4

Occasional sandstorms can bring travel to a halt. In autumn, at the time of date harvest, flies can be a problem.

Behave sensibly to avoid sunstroke – the only well-equiped hospital in the desert is in Ouarzazate.


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Chez Le Pacha


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Chez Le Pacha is a magnificent, large traditional earth kasbah which combines traditional style with comfort and very good facilities, including a beautiful spring-fed swimming pool set in large shady grounds. Set on close to the Saharan dunes, it offers comfort to those wanting to experience the desert.

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