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A village on the edge of the spectacular Jbel Sirwa Mountains lies midway between Taroudant and Ouarzazate, not long before the road branches off to Zagora. Famous for its production of saffron, the most expensive spice in the world, Taliouine has a cooperative where you may buy this miraculous spice at a good price and learn about its cultivation. It also has a large crumbling Kasbah.

Saffron (red gold) the world’s most expensive spice

Saffron is used as a seasoning and colouring of many traditional Moroccan dishes and also used to flavour tea in the Taliouine region. Saffron is not only used for its taste, but is widely used by the locals for its medicinal properties such as an antidote to poisons, to soothe pain during childbirth and teething for young children.Saffron

The purple crocus sativus flower which is the spice is harvested only grows above 1200m. Planting starts in mid-September, harvesting starts from mid-October and peaks in late October. The delicate harvesting operation is performed manually by local Berber men and women starting very early in the morning before the sun gets too hot.

The pruning process of the crocus is a very delicate operation and of great importance to guarantee the quality of Saffron. The flowers must be pruned as soon as possible after harvesting to avoid deterioration. Drying of the stems is a traditional process in the sun/shade and conditioned the spice is finally packaged in various weights for purchase. Numerous shops/boutiques in Taliouine sell genuine Saffron for about 40-45mdh per gram, but beware of counterfeits which when tested will stain your fingers red; genuine Saffron will stain your fingers yellow.