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Wildlife Watching

Ducke Gazelle

Morocco offers a tremendous diversity of habitats and climates which support a wide range of interesting species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, butterflies, plants and, most notably, birds - there are 460 bird species, 90 reptiles (50% more than in the whole of Europe) and 3,600 recognised plants, of which 17% are endemic.

Ecosystems and species of particular interest include: the Barbary Macaque inhabiting the cedar forests of the Middle Atlas Mountains, the coastal Euphorbia heaths of the Atlantic Coast, the Argan Forest of the south west, the Atlantic coastal lagoons supporting a massive bird population, the coastal steppes, famous for the rare Bald Ibis, the alpine species on the High Atlas plateaus and the Mouflon in the High Atlas Mountains.

There are several National Parks and two Biosphere Reserves dedicated to protecting these endangered ecosystems. Our wildlife/birdwatching guides are extremely knowledgeable about local birds, wildlife and related issues with aparticular passion for botany and ornithology in the varied habitats of the Souss Valley, High Atlas and Anti Atlas Mountains (including the National Park and Biosphere Reserve).

Biodiversity in Morocco

The internationally important reserves in the vicinity are the Argan Forest Biosphere Reserve and the Souss Massa National Park, the latter is well known for its estuarine birdlife, but most particularly for the last remaining wild breeding colonies in the world of the Bald Ibis.

For those with an interest in reptiles, tortoises, lizards, including geckoes, the spectacular Uramastix and chameleons are often spotted, especially in the south of Morocco; it is warm enough near Taroudant for tortoises to be out basking at Christmas (everywhere else this species hibernates).

Birdwatching in Morocco

Naturally Morocco runs day excursions for those wishing to explore and investigate entire ecosystems or any particular species that interests you. Please contact us on 01239 710814 to discuss availability and your interests/ needs.

Please Note: excursions are only available as part of a package booked through us that includes accommodation and transport.