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Trek Grading System

We offer a wide range of treks which vary considerably in difficulty. Most treks begin at altitudes in excess of 1,000 metres where the air is thinner than you may be accustomed, footpaths can be slippery and slopes steep.  

To help you identify an appropriate difficulty of walk, we have graded all our treks to act as a guideline to suitability - we ask clients to identify thegrade of trek that is appropriate for them.

High Atlas Mountains


Experience of walking on uneven terrain preferable; average fitness necessary; clear tracks; limited climbs or gradients.


Hill walking experience preferable; able to sustain a relaxed walking pace; some rocky or loose paths; some short hard climbs or longer gradual gradients; good walking footwear necessary.


Experience of long hill walks required; significantly fit and can continue to walk uphill for a sustained period; routes may include loose scree and occasional boulders and paths may not be visible; challenging long steep gradients; walking poles recommended.


Experience of mountaineering required, including snow walking; high level of fitness and able to maintain effort at altitude; all types of routes including climbs and steep snow walking; gradients may be severe; mountaineering equipment required, including ice axes and crampons.