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TREKKING Prices from £255 per person for 2 nights/3 days

Morocco is a wonderful country for trekking - with temperate climate, dramatic scenery in stunning mountains, varied terrain and the warm welcome of the Berber people at any time of year.

All our treks are private and tailor made to you - from easy to strenuous; from day-trek to week-long expeditions - we can advise on which of exciting options best suits you and your itinerary.

Trek routes are subject to change if weather and local conditions dictate (especially in winter - late November to March).

Naturally Morocco only uses local guides that are insured, qualified, experienced and speak English - guides may be hired locally in Morocco but often do not meet these criteria.

Your bags (or you if need be) are carried on mules on all overnight treks.


Trekking in Morocco

Pricing Examples

2 night/3 day trek - 3 Valleys to/from Imlil 2-4 people: from £255 per person

3 night/4 day trek - Traverse Imlil- Setti Fatma for 2-4 people: from £305 per person

4 night/5 day trek - Toubkal Ascent & Ourika Valley for 2-4 people: from £355 per person

4 night/5 days trek - Toubkal circular via Oussaden 2-4 people: from £355 per person

We divide trekking opportunities into 2 major areas with contrasting mountain scenery and climate:

The High Atlas region is the major trekking area in Morocco, with peaks rising to 4,167 m at Mount Toubkal. The trekking centres can be easily accessed from Marrakech (trekking centres - Imlil, Ouirgane, Amizmiz, Ourika Valley and M'Goun Valley), or there are less frequented areas accessed from Taroudant (trekking centre - Afensou). Some routes are possible all year round, others only in the summer, and we offer a range of treks from easy valley walks to the more challenging peaks of Toubkal, M’Goun and Oukaimeden.

The Anti Atlas bordering the Sahara offer ideal trekking conditions from autumn to spring. Treks of all grades can be taken from Talaouine, a beautiful wild volcanic range famed for saffron growing, and Tafraoute with its spectacular pink rock formations and gorges which are Morocco’s “Grand Canyon”.

Day Treks from Marrakech - with the High Atlas just over an hour from Marrakech, visitors can experience the dramatic scenery of the stunning Atlas Mountains, their varied terrain and the warm welcome of the Berber people any time of the year.

To view a summary of all treks available see the complete List of Treks and our Trek Grading System.

Note: Our treks are only available as part of a package including accommodation.



Note that customers undertaking a trek must be fully insured for altitudes over 2,000m and be covered for accidents, medical repatriation, mountain rescue and repatriation helicopter.

We provide pre-visit information to ensure that you are fully prepared and get the maximum enjoyment out of your trek.


In the mountains the weather is relatively moderate throughout the year but conditions vary significantly with height, season and between day and night, with the possibility of a dramatic change at any time. In the winter snow is likely in the Middle and High Atlas ranges, though often only on the highest peaks, and evenings cold. In the summer the protection against the sun is vital.

Most of our treks are at an altitude between 1,000 and 2,500 metres but there are options for the more adventurous to scale the peaks at over or 4,000 metres.

To maximise your enjoyment of a trek in Morocco, we advise being fully prepared and that includes the right clothing and equipment see Morocco Trekking - What to Wear and details of our Trek Grading System.

Trekking guides

As trekking maps for Morocco are very difficult to obtain and the Atlas ranges are difficult to navigate, trained mountain guides are highly recommended for all visitors to help to create a route that is suitable and interesting; however, they do not remove the responsibility from every trekker to take care of themselves and to state what they consider to be within their limits.

We will look after you very well: our excellent local guides have good language skills, significant guiding experience and are appropriately insured and qualified. Your guide will offer an insight into local culture in a respectful way, provide you with simple but tasty local food, enable you to communicate with local people (who speak Berber), may be able to adapt the route according to your abilities and local conditions, provide hard-to-come-by maps when necessary (the ranges can be very difficult to navigate and many areas are very remote)and take care of moving all your luggage to the place where your trek ends.