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SIX Day Workshop

The 6 day workshop is for those who desire more of a challenge. This comprehensive course contains all of the elements of the three day workshop and additional sessions on portraits and reportage. As the course progresses you will begin to train your eye with the aim of producing a body of work to stand up to the scrutiny of public exhibition or to simply improve your image making skills

Essaouira offers seascapes, fishermen coming in with the catch, horses riding at sunset, medieval souks unchanged...a fascinating culture, history & people for you to observe at your own pace all in one place.

Day Course Workshop Detail
1 Fundamentals


A camera workshop looking at the basics of camera control including how to hold the camera, camera controls, exposure - ISO, shutter speed & aperture.


Group lunch al fresco at an inexpensive restaurant in town (not included in the price)followed by tutor-led tour of the medina and workshop on composition.

2 BerberTrip

All Day (8am - 3pm)*

A day to photograph a mixture of different subjects outside Essaouira. The workshop is tutor-led and includes individual tuition throughout the day covering people photography, landscapes and seascapes whilst exploring the countryside, flowers and Berbers communities near Essaouira.

3 ‘Light, shade, textureand angles’


An abstract and architectural workshop focusing on using depth of field control and exposure adjustments to create more textural and colour-rich images.


Lunch Al fresco at an inexpensive restaurant in town (not included in the price), followed by individual photography and viewing of images and feedback

4 Portraits


This workshop studies people at work in traditional crafts in Essaouira and some of the characteristics that embody these individuals. The workshop looks at how selecting a different focal length can alter the viewer’s reading of the individual.  It also builds on the knowledge gained in the ‘Light, shade, texture and angles’ that looked at depth of field control.


Lunch al fresco at an inexpensive restaurant in town (not included in the price) followed by viewing of images and feedback

5 Reportage

All Day (10am - 5pm)

This day teaches you how to use the best traditions of documentary photography to create photographs that transcend travel pics and reveal some of the truths about Essaouira and its people. Throughout the day the focus will be on the souks and, subject to weather, the port to record the day’s catch coming in.  By the end of day each student will have chosen his or her own area in town to focus on for the following day. Lunch at an inexpensive restaurant in town (not included in the price)

6 Reportage

All Day (10am - 5pm)

This day includes tutorial support and one to one feedback culminating in students editing their images for their final selection and screening. Lunch at an inexpensive restaurant in town (not included in the price).

*Berber Trip Itinerary: Sunday and Wednesday only

Depart for the untouched countryside and a Berber Souk.  Lunch at Sidi Kaouki, a peaceful village south of Essaouira.  From there walk to the cascades at Sidi m’Barek, passing numerous argan trees, the region’s main agricultural resource, to the co-operative for argan production to watch and take photos of the women at work. Depending on the time of year, flower photography to be included. Lunch & transport included in the cost.

6 days