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Berber Trek - Essaouira to Agadir - 8 days / 7 nights

Level: Experienced

Day 1: Arrive Marrakesh and transfer to Essaouira
Day 2: Essaouira - Iftane
Day 3: Iftane - Tamanare
Day 4: Tamanare to Ait Hammou
Day 5: Ait Hammou to Timki
Day 6: Timki to Immsker
Day 7: Imsker to Imi Ouaddar/ Agadir
Day 8: Depart Agadir or Marrakech

Berber Trek - 8 days/7 nights

An 8 days and 7 nights' trek from Essaouira along Atlantic beaches, the coastal zone and the beautiful foothills of the High Atlas Mountains . This trek covers significant ground with a variety of terrain, and passes numerous small local villages untouched by other visitors.

Level: Experienced

Day 1: Arrive Essaouira

Transfer from Marrakech or Agadir to your overnight accommodation (on a B&B basis) in Essaouira, a beautiful fishing town on the Atlantic coast, around 2.5 hours' drive due west of Marrakech or a similar distance due north of Agadir. That afternoon or evening, if time of arrival permits, you will meet your guide and will be briefed on the excursion. Overnight in Essaouira.

Day 2: Diabat - Iftane (6 hours)

You will be picked up from your hotel and taken to the Ranch near Diabat, a village a couple of kilometers outside of Essaouira where Jimi Hendrix lived for a while.  There you will be introduced to your horse, pick-up your picnic in your saddlebags, and start the trek heading down to the beach.  The day is relatively easy riding along the beach, past a number of small fishing villages, such as Taguenza, to your first night camping out near a small fishing village, near Tafadna beach, with great views of the bay,a site chosen and prepared by your guides.

Day 3: Iftane - Tamanar (6 to 7 hours)

A long day’s ride away from the Atlantic ocean and through a number of wooded hills.  Your route is along a narrow road lined with white stone walls, away from the village of Iggui Iferkhs. You will camp in the lowland country in Tamanar, where warm showers are possible.

Day 4: Tamanar - Aït Hammou

The day will start with you riding up towards the foothills of the High Atlas mountains away from the richer agricultural plain, with great views around you.  You may pass a small souk before heading through the territories of the tribes of Ida ou Tanane and past the oasis of Amssene.  Finally you will ride through an argan forest before descending to the dam on the lake of Aït Hammou, where you will camp for the night and have the chance to bathe in the waters of the lake.

Day 5: Aït Hammou - Timkti

Leaving the lake you ascend again through an area, rich in fossils and reach a traditional souk (market) at the head of the valley, which has a fascinating mix of donkeys, dromedaries and local merchandise when the market is taking place.  From there is a descent down the hill and along the valley along an ancient, richly coloured, road excavated on the side of the mountain.  The evening camp site will be by the side of a small river, a fabulously calm place to spend the night and watch the stars overhead.

Day 6: Timkti - Immsker (6.5 hours)

Today is a day of riding over mountains, past small hamlets and through palm groves, where you will see the Berbers with their donkeys by the water, which is scarce in this area.  Some of the views in this area are breathtaking, and from the final peak you will descend to your final camping ground near Immsker and its souk. 

Day 7: Immsker - Imi Ouaddar/ Agadir

Your final day in the saddle takes you on winding paths through hills covered by argan trees and cactus plants, with panoramic views of the Atlantic ocean in places.  At the end of the day, having said goodbye to your horse, you will be taken to your accommodation in Agadir.

Day 8: Depart Agadir

The day of departing from Agadir to your next destination.

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7 Nights / 8 Days
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