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Argan Forest and Coastal Trail - 6 days / 5 nights

Level: Moderate

Day 1: Arrive Marrakesh or Agadir and transfer to Essaouira
Day 2: Diabat - Larbaa
Day 3: Larbaa - Ait Joujgle
Day 4: Ait Joujgle -Sidi Kaouki
Day 5: Sidi Kaouki - Essaouira
Day 6: Transfer to Agadir or Marrakech



Argan Forest and Coastal Trail - 6 days / 5 nights

Horse trekking on the Atlantic Coast from Essaouira to Sidi Kaouky

A 6 day and 5 night circular trek exploring the beaches of the Atlantic coast and the area just inland, generally low lying with areas of argan and mimosa trees and various native shrubs, ideal grazing for dromedaries and tree climbing goats.

Level: Moderate

1 Day: Arrive Essaouira

Overnight in Essaouira on a B&B basis. Essaouira is a beautiful fishing town on the Atlantic coast, around 2.5 hours' drive due west of Marrakech or a similar distance due north of Agadir.

That afternoon or evening, if time of arrival permits, you will meet your guide and will be briefed on the excursion.

2 Day: Diabat-Larbaa

You will be picked up from your accommodation and taken to the Ranch near Diabat, a village a couple of kilometers outside of Essaouira where Jimi Hendrix lived for a while.  There you will be introduced to your horse, pick-up your picnic in your saddlebags, and start the walk with a gentle walk to village of Larbaa in the region of the argan and the mimosa (the trees and shrubs native to the region). You will camp for the night at a site chosen by your guides.

3 Day: Larbaa - Aite Joujgle

The first full day of riding, with almost 5 hours in the saddle needed to get to your next camp site.  This ride takes you past the rivers and cultivated fields a little inland from the Atlantic coast.  Again you will eat and sleep at a campsite chosen by your guides.

4 Day: Aite Joujgle - Sidi Kaouky

You are past the mid point of your trek and you are heading towards the beach and the stunning Atlantic coast.  Again there is a good distance to be traveled, but there is enough time to stop for a swim and have a cool down.  This evening the camp site is on the beach at Sidi Kaouky, frequented in the day time by the occasional surfer.  With a little bit of luck, the beach campsite will give you the most stunning sunset and night sky to enjoy.

5 Day: Sidi Kaouky - Diabat

Your last day riding takes you back from Sidi Kaouki to your starting point at the ranch near Diabat.  Today the ride is a peaceful one along the long beaches and fantastic neighbouring dunes, past occasional cliffsbefore heading inland to the ranch.  The area is rich in marine bird life, but you are also likely to pass plenty of cows and dromedaries.  At the ranch tea and sweets will be waiting before you will be taken back to your chosen riad in Essaouira.

6 Day: Depart Essaouira

Departure from Essaouira to your next destination.

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5 Nights / 6 Days
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