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This excursion takes you through savannah-like and irrigated landscapes on the edge of the Souss Valley to an oasis on the northern edge of the Anti Atlas Mountains just 35 minutes drive south of Taroudant and ends with a short journey into the mountains.


Please Note: Naturally Morocco's excursions are only available as part of a package booked through us that includes accommodation and transport.

Tiout Oasis


In the Souss valley you’ll see the tremendous contrast between commercially farmed irrigated cash crops (such as oranges, maize or bananas) and subsistence farming of arid land including the strange sight of goats grazing in the native argan trees. On the way back to Taroudant you return by another route which includes a drive across a wide dry river bed or, on the rare occasions when the river is in flood, another route is used.

At the oasis you’ll gain an insight into traditional life, farming and irrigation systems, see a marabout (a saint’s grave), as well as having a chance to see lizards, birds, search for wild tortoises, see a desert wadi, a hilltop Kasbah once used as a filmset from which there are fine views, take a donkey ride and visit a women’s cooperative where there is a chance to purchase high quality organic products including argan oil which is unique to this region (recognised by UNESCO as a “Biosphere Reserve” and prized for its unique culinary and cosmetic properties).

Normally led by an experienced and very knowledgeable guide, who has a wealth of knowledge about the local countryside. Walking in this area is easy but there are some rough surfaces and walking shoes are therefore advised.

Normal timing 9am - 3.30pm. 

What’s included: Guide, driver and transport.


Day Trip to Tiout Oasis and the Anti-Atlas Mountains

1. Depart Taroudant 9am

2. Souss Valley

3. Tiout Oasis

4. Lunch in the palm groves

5 Anti-Atlas Mountains

6. Arrive Taroudant approx 3.30 pm

1 day
  • Anti-Atlas
  • Taroudant
Trip Grade
  • Easy
  • Altitude under 2000m