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Tiz n Test Mountain Pass & Tin-Mal Mosque

This day excursion is best taken if you have the whole day to spare. The atmospheric 12th century Tin-Mal Mosque is located in the small High Atlas village of Ouirgane just an hour south of Marrakech, but the drive beyond over the spectacular Tiz n Test Pass is another 2 hours.

This day trip will only suit those who are not adverse to spending up to 6 hours travelling to/from Marrakech, but can also be taken if you are visiting the High Atlas Village of Ouirgane which reduces the travel time.


Please Note: Naturally Morocco's excursions are only available as part of a package booked through us that includes accommodation and transport.

Tiz n Test Mountain Pass


Starting in Marrakech, your driver will collect you for the 1 hour drive from your accommodation to the scenic High Atlas Village of Ouirgane. Your first visit is to the beautifully restored 12th century Mosque (one of two Mosques in Morocco that non-Muslims are allowed to enter) to see how this amazing building has been carefully restored and is very photogenic with its various arches casting an array of shadows and shapes.

You can spend a little time exploring the Mosque before taking the 2 hour drive beyond the village where the Tiz n Test Pass begins. The second highest pass in Morocco reaching heights at its peak of 2093m connecting the High Atlas Mountains to the traditional Berber town of Taroudant. A feat of French Engineering laid between 1926 and 1932, the pass boasts many hairpin bends, some magnificent scenery and views at its peak of the High Atlas range. Once the peak has been reached, you can stop at the cafe for some lunch or coffee to admire the views from the cafe terrace and photograph its glory in panoramic fashion before taking the 3 hour drive back to your accommodation in Marrakech.

Please note that this day trip will incur a minimum journey time of 6 hours when taking the excursion from Marrakech plus any stops you take, but the vistas you will encounter will be worth the trip. Definitely a feast for the eyes if you are an enthusiastic photographer.

This excursion can also be taken if your itinerary includes the village of Ouirgane which will deduct 2 hours of travel if you are not being collected/dropped off in Marrakech.



A Typical Day's Trip to the Tiz n Test Pass/Tin-Mal Mosque

1. Depart Marrakech (standard default time is 10am) for the 1 hour drive to the Mosque (or a short drive if staying in Ouirgane/Marigha)

2. Visit 12th Century Tin-Mal Mosque to explore the restoration and take photographs of the amazing internal arches and shadows cast by the light

3. Continue the 2 hour drive beyond the village of Ouirgane onto the spectacular Tiz n Test Mountain Pass. You can ask your driver to stop if you wish to admire the views along the way

4. Stop at the cafe at the top of the pass for some lunch

5. Take photogrpahs of the superb scenery with panormaic views

6. Return to Marrakech or Ouirgane

NB: if you take this trip from the High Atlas Village of Ouirgane, the journey time will be 2 hours shorter.

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