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Cookery in Taroudant

A cookery class with "Little Latifa" (c) Hilary Stock)Our “Real Morocco” programme includes informal and short cookery courses, run by the friendly chefs at La Maison Anglaise Guest House on most weekday afternoons (normally for 4 people or less people).

The courses take place at the Guest House in the medina but are available to both residents and non residents - those staying elsewhere make their own way there. Afterwards the meal is eaten in the company of the guest house residents.

During the course you’ll have a chance to learn about Moroccan cookery vessels, in season produce and how to select good quality ingredients. Opportunities to learn more include: a small library of cookery books, a recipe sheet covering some dishes of the day and the option of an electronic copy of our cookery book (for a small donation to our community projects).

All diets can be catered for: in Sept 2005 Veg News Magazine recognised our skill in vegetarian cookery by voting our “Real Morocco” holiday one of the 10 Best Vegetarian Holidays in the World.


Course Menu Options

Participants may request to make a dish offered by the Guest House, for example:

Fish tagine with peppers and tomatoes (on “fresh fish days”)
Vegetable tagine with Anti Atlas Mountains almonds 
Chicken tagine with lemon and Taroudant olives
Egg tagine with garlic, tomatoes and spices 


Variable by arrangement, but normally less than 2 hours per day. Longer courses may be arranged.


4 pm

Our Recipe Book

Our recipe book is sold to raise money for local projects but we offer free downloads of some of our vegetarian recipes as a taster (we also cater for non-vegetarians). Note that in Morocco a teaspoonful means a heaped one:

Recipe Sheet 1 - includes Lentil Tagine
Recipe Sheet 2 - includes Egg Tagine, and Chick Pea and Sultana Couscous
Recipe Sheet 3 - includes Carrot & Coriander Soup
Recipe Sheet 4 - includes Vegetable Tagine
Recipe Sheet 5 - includes Egg Tagine, and Latifa's Orange Cake
All Recipes - Includes Recipes 1-5 above