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RIAD LUNE ET SOLEIL - half day cookery course

Riad Lune et Soleil

Riad Lune et Soleil is well known for high quality cuisine. Guests staying at the riad are privileged to be able to take lessons - a maximum of 2 people per lesson, so ensuring that your menu is constructed according to your preferences.

Riad Lune et Soleil has remained rather discreet about its cookery lessons, not because they don't want to share their knowledge but simply because the size of their kitchen, but miracles can happen in tiny places.

If you are one of the two lucky participants for the day, their manager will accompany you to the central market, where a wide of choice of fresh vegetables, meat, poultry and fish (on certain days) are available in an entirely unpredictable pattern. Together you'll construct the menu according to what's available, taking into account your tastes, preferences and diets (if any). Vegetarians are in heaven: wild aspargus, even wilder artichokes, fresh zucchini flowers in season. Back "home" you join the team: two or three girls will show you the tricks of real homemade Moroccan cooking – it’s a hands-on experience. Afterwards you'll have to eat what you cooked (no casualties, so far!). You may learn how to prepare pastries, the famous cherry tomatoes with cinnamon or even real pastilla with pigeon.

It should be noted that the entire financial benefit of running the course – which costs a moderate fee in addition to the charge for dinner – goes to the staff as an acknowledgement of their daily efforts.

Note: Course is only available to clients staying at the riad.

Half day