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Moroccan Cooking

In recent times the excellence of Moroccan cuisine has become widely recognised; it is a healthy diet, drawing from Arab, Berber, Jewish, African and French traditions. 

Due to the wonderful year round climate and extensive irrigation, Morocco has an abundance of locally grown produce which, used with an imaginative range of spices, herbs and oils, creates a distinct range of tasty dishes including tajines, couscous, salads and flat breads.  A wander round the souks gives a visitor a sense of the range of fresh vegetables and fruit available to Moroccan chefs and families.

Moroccan Cookery Courses

The delights of traditional Moroccan dishes are available in the many fine restaurants throughout the country. However, there visitors to Morocco can also participate in the preparation, and learn the Moroccan ways, of their delicious cuisine.

We have a varied programme of cookery courses throughout Morocco suited to those who just want a fun informal lesson or those intent on uncovering and understanding the traditions and secrets from some of the best chefs.

Please Note: Naturally Morocco's cookery courses are only available as part of a package booked through us that includes accommodation and transport.