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Camel Trekking

Camel Trekking

Camel treks are a fun experience for anyone not afraid of heights, both children and adults alike - even novices can be up and running within minutes and be cruising across the sand like travellers have for thousands of years before them.

Camels are wonderfully aloof animals that take on a lumbering pace all of their own, seemingly oblivious to your presence. Although a camel’s gait is unusual and not always comfortable, the view of the beautiful landscapes gained from your surprisingly high position is unique and peaceful and it is a great experience.

We offer camel treks in a variety of settings:

The initial lurching ascent to standing and the lumbering walking motion may be disconcerting, but there is a handle to hold onto and the saddle easily takes a parent and child, and you’ll find that relaxing and letting your body move with the animal helps enormously.

Note: Our Camel Treks are only available as part of a package including accommodation.