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Wednesday, 5 September 2018 12:00 AM

Winter retreats in Morocco

If you fancy escaping the winter weather and contemplating heading for warmer climates, the south of Morocco is just the place. For many of us, tolerating many months of low temperatures, rain and howling wind is just too much and we crave some warmth and sunshine.

Whilst most of Morocco has a reasonably good climate and can be pleasantly warm, the south is a much better option for a little additional warmth.

Taroudant- the warmest town in Morocco

If it’s going to be warm anywhere, it’s going to be warm in Taroudant and is in the perfect position, just inland from Agadir and sheltered by the surrounding High Atlas Mountains in the north and the Anti-Atlas Mountains to the south. An ideal destination for a winter retreat. This is also a lovely traditional Berber town and has a real charm about it, but also a gentle introduction to the North African culture. Taroudant is home to our popular Real Morocco Programme that includes a variety of interesting excursions into the surrounding High Atlas Mountain foothills as well as a range of cultural experiences. This gives the foreign visitor a true flavour of 'The Real Morocco' (pardon the pun). This was one of my very first Moroccan towns I visited many years ago when I first starting working for Naturally Morocco and was blown away by the diversity in culture, but also by the generosity and hospitality from the people I met. I felt welcomed like a well loved family member and felt genuine sadness when we departed with all the staff standing at the front door waving us off (like my own family does). Well worth a visit.

Anti-Atlas Mountains

Let’s not forget the ‘road less travelled’, an amazing area of the Anti-Atlas Mountains further south of Taroudant such as Tafraoute in the Ameln Valley, Tata and Tissint also has a lovely climate during the winter months. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not going to be scorching hot as it can get in the summer months and can get a smidge chilly in the evenings when the sun drops, but daytime temperatures are pleasantly uplifting and ‘warms your cockles’ as my nan used to say. In my experience, the Anti Atlas Mountain region is full of enchanting surprises with it’s superb rugged natural landscapes, very off the beaten tourist track and a real delight for keen and enthusiastic photographers; professional or very excitable amatuers (like me!).

The Sahara Desert

For those who want a little adventure and have dreamt of a Sahara Odyssey, then our Deep Desert trip could be right up your alley. A good time of year to visit if you want to avoid the extreme summer temperatures which I was told by a young waiter in Merzouga one year reached 65 degrees! Now I love the heat, but that’s hot! Winter months are cooler, but in comparison with the UK, probably a good summers day reaching into the thirties (although unlikely!). The magic of climbing upon a camel and casually strolling off into the dunes with your head scarf blowing in the wind really makes you feel like you are in a scene from ‘Lawrence of Arabia’. Totally surrounded by gorgeous golden sand dunes, it suddenly dawns on you that you are actually in the Sahara Desert! Waking up early in the morning to watch the sunrise atop a large dune is a moment I am never going to forget about. Priceless...

What to choose?

Well I could easily waflle on about my various experiences on my various travels taken over the last 9 years, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. The three suggestions are personal recommendations about best areas to visit during the winter months, but do feel free to have a look at our 'Winter Breaks in Morocco' page which also gives a couple of suggested ideas. The staff here at Naturally Morocco have personal and genuine experiences in visiting various areas and can give you valuable advice and knowledge to help you choose the right trip for you.

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