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Tuesday, 24 March 2015 12:00 AM

When To Book Flights To Morocco

Whilst accommodation prices in Morocco generally fit to fairly obvious high and low seasons (based around school holidays), getting a good value flight can be less obvious.

Budget airlines exist to make money and, in those peak periods, prices can be relatively high but cheap flights do exist, even if they always seem to be found by a friend of yours rather than by you.

Flight Price Statistics

Getting that cheap flight on a budget airline or scheduled flight is reported to be about booking a flight at the right time. It is also reported that scheduled flights increase significantly near the departure date - in fact statistics indicate that the lowest prices are available on average at least 53 days ahead of departure (research by Momondo’s comparison site, cost being on average 29% cheaper than on the day of departure).

Investigating that research further specifically for the London to Marrakech route (based on more than 3 million flights on that route) indicates that :

  • Prices on average start to rise significantly from around 40 weeks prior to departure, continuing to rise until departure date with an unexplained spike (highest average price) around 5-6 weeks prior to departure.
  • Fridays and Saturdays are most expensive departure dates, followed by Thursdays and then Sundays (perhaps unsurprisingly leaving Mondays to Wednesdays as cheapest).
  • Noon flights departures most expensive (again perhaps unsurprisingly with evening flights cheapest).
  • Luton and Stansted have the cheapest average flight prices of the London airports (Heathrow the most expensive, presumably due to the lack of budget airline flights).
  • Mid to late January and late November to mid-December are cheapest seasons (again rather unsurprisingly), with prices on average falling throughout October and November.

An Obvious Conculsion?

From all these statistics we are left with a fairly obvious conclusion that for the cheapest flights on average book early (as far in advance of departure the better), fly on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday and preferably on an evening flight from Luton. This might not be possible for you as you may have a definite holiday date in mind and may not live near Luton but it is interesting nevertheless.

If you are stuck with school holiday times, then prices are likely to be relatively high. The idea of using an Easyjet Flexifare is often mooted to get round this issue (book a Flexifare outside of the school holidays after doing various checks, then move the dates into the school holidays), but we at Naturally Morocco do not support this.