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Thursday, 10 September 2015 12:00 AM

Time to Book Easyjet Flights to Morocco

Morocco as a holiday destination has taken off (future pun intended) since the introduction of budget airline flights, of which Easyjet and Ryanair are dominant from the UK. Cheap flights, a short flight and regular schedules means that travelling to Morocco has never been easier.

Unfortunately I’m one of those who has friends who have booked incredibly cheap flights to Morocco but have never managed to do so myself. I do get great prices but never those ridiculous few pound fares that people say exist.

But there are a couple of obvious and less obvious tricks to help you to try to secure a good price.

Book Flights Early

Yes – an obvious suggestion but with a less-obvious twist.

As a general rule budget airline flights are cheapest way in advance of the date of travel and become more expensive closer to the travel date (all demand dependent).

Easyjet releases its seats for sale on set dates during the year (rather than continuously throughout) – you can check the dates on their Facebook page or sign-up for their email, but the tickets for spring 2016, including the May bank holidays and Easter holidays, go on sale Thursday 10th September 2015 – and typically some of the better prices are available then for the newly released dates.

Easyjet will also refund the price difference in vouchers if your flight price drops after you have booked (excluding on-sale prices), so theoretically there is no down side.

Avoid The School Holidays

Yes – this is an obvious one, and not particularly relevant for those travelling with families of school age.

There is a well-publicised trick for Easyjet to try to avoid the holiday peak fares, but be cautious about using it and we at Naturally Morocco will not employ it. The idea is to buy a flexi-fare ticket for the flight you want but at a time when the flights are well priced (outside of school holidays) close to the date you want to travel. A Flexifare is a more expensive ticket than standard (and is not available on all flights) but you do get 1 free item of hold baggage included. After 24 hours you can then change the date of your flight for no charge if there are seats still available for your desired flight.