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Friday, 31 January 2014 12:00 AM

Testimonials - Taroudant and Mirleft (Atlantic Coast)

Tony and Fiona travelled with us in the 2013/14 winter to Taroudant and Mirleft on the South Atlantic Coast – we include below the whole of their post trip note to us.

Fiona's note to us - "we will be back"

"Tony and I had a wonderful time in Morocco.  The idea of splitting the week into two contrasting environments not only made the trip feel much longer than a week but the stark difference between Taroudant and Mirleft was culturally very interesting.

I couldn't fault any of the accommodation or the hosts.  The drivers were excellent too; polite, timely and where possible communicated with us in English as best they could.

For our Real Morocco activities, we took a caleche around the city which I thought, perhaps naively, would help us with orientation in the city.  I had a cooking lesson from Fatima and Tony enjoyed his limestone carving with Khalid on the top of the city wall.  In Taroudant, we ate at La Maison Anglaise every night after reports from other guests that the restaurants they tried were OK but the food wasn't as good as Fatima's. Said took us to the weekly market and then into the villages in the hills.  It was fascinating to see preindustrial meet 21st C in the form of mobile phones being charged in the courtyards while bread was made in an open fire with primitive and basic equipment.

In Mirleft we did a lot of trekking on our own and were warmly greeted by Berber goat herders.  We felt safe and with the fort as a focal point, we felt it would be almost impossible to get lost.  We stuck to tagines and ate in the Restaurant Ayour which we'd recommend for service and quality of food.

We were impressed with all the organisation you had done and how everything ran so smoothly regarding transportation from airport to accommodations and airport again. Thank you.

There is nothing we did that we could complain about in any way.  Our only regret was that we didn't manage a day trek in the Atlas mountains because Latifa said there was no transport available.  This was a bit frustrating as the mountains looked so close but not close enough to walk to and we didn't have time or the language skills to work out our own transport.  A trek in the Atlas mountains will just have to be another trip - we will be back!

Many thanks again, it was a great experience and one that I will have plenty to write about.

Kind Regards

Tony & Fiona " (e-mail received January 2013)

Our note on the Trek

Not all Real Morocco activities can be offered as optional extras at the last second, although the local team does try its best to accommodate any such request from guests. Therefore, the more notice that guetss can give of interest in the optional extras the better.