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Wednesday, 28 January 2015 12:00 AM

Taroudant, Souss Massa and Morocco's South in Spring

It’s early season for a Moroccan holiday, but the south (south of the High Atlas mountains that run from close to the Atlantic inland south of Marrakech) of Morocco is beautiful in Spring, with blossom on the fruit and other trees lighting up your journey.

Just south of Agadir lies the Souss Massa national park and a short drive inland lie the Anti Atlas mountains and the medina town of Taroudant.

The Souss Massa National Park

The Souss Massa lies on the Atlantic coast and is a region for nature lovers (it lies on the migration route for many birds). If you are well-versed in flora and forna then we suggest that you stay locally in the Souss Massa and explore the region at your own pace. If you would benefit from some expert guiding then the region is accessible from Taroudant where our expert guides are based.

The Anti Atlas Mountains

The southern-most Atlas range in Morocco, the Anti Atlas mountains are the Berber heartland largely bypassed by tourists (you will rarely if ever see another tourist in your wanderings) that flock to Marrakech and easy day trips to the High Atlas. The mountains are less severe than their big brothers to the north and, although arid, have beautiful valleys and towns and isolated agadirs (fortified granaries) to explore. Tafraoute in the Amelyn valley is in the heart of the range and from there there is pleasant driving in most directions – driving to be savoured not rushed.


A couple or few hour drive (depending on route/ how much you get lost/ how many agadirs you explore on foot) to the north of Tafraoute is the much larger walled medina town of Taroudant. Taroudant is a gentle introduction to Morocco (sleepy compared to Marrakech) and has the best selection of accommodation on offer in the south and, if your time permits and interest dictates, the Real Morocco programme of cultural activities led by very knowledgeable guides.

A Peaceful Springtime Escape

With flights possible into Agadir (and some lovely retreats available just outside Agadir in our portfolio), and wonderful routes possible in the south through Taroudant or the Sousss Massa, or the Anti Atlas or even on to Skoura and the start of the Sahara, make the most of the beautiful spring time and give Naturally Morocco a call and take your pick of the holiday options that interest you.