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Monday, 14 August 2017 12:00 AM

Taking Photos In Morocco

Morocco is a beautiful country. Virtually everywhere you look there is something to catch your eye and you will want to try to capture some of that beauty or life on your camera, a chance to savour some of your magical Moroccan memories well after you return home.

Some of the most stunning or beautiful scenery includes Chefchaouen, the port of Essaouira, The High Atlas Anti-Atlas Mountains and the Saharan desert (it is difficult to pick out specific areas but these are the first few that spring to mind based on my personal experience). This is just a couple of examples of what you would encounter in Morocco:


Chefchaouen is a blue and white washed town in the Rif Mountains of northern Morocco, with the mountains providing a wonderful natural backdrop to the clean town. In many ways it almost seems too picture perfect, but it is a living, breathing medina town and is a great reward to those who make the effort to travel there (Fez International airport is around 3.5 hours’ drive away, Tangier is closer but has fewer international routes).


The blue painted small fishing boats of Essaouira with the crenulations of the medina wall as backdrop are a favourite photo for travel editors of national newspapers. Essaouira sits on the end of a lovely beach and has an interesting medina to explore, yet I have only ever managed to do justice to the fishing port (and sunsets over it) in my photography. For some great photography tips, you could attend the photography workshop in Essaouira for one day.

High Atlas Mountains

The High Atlas Mountains are a lovely place to relax and, with blue skies, snow-capped peaks in winter, springtime blossom on the fruit trees and green valleys, this really should be a place for good photographers to excel. Morning and evening are key times to get that great photo as midday the colours can get washed out by the strong sun, but hunt enough and you’ll find that laden donkey being led through the perfect spot.

Moroccan Sahara

The Sahara is stunning to the eye, with seemingly endless landscapes and night skies, but it is the life in the Sahara that is easiest to capture and do justice to – the Berber tents and men, the camel trains and the evening camp fire. Yes some of the photos are a little corny (a blue-clad Berber leading a camel over a sand dune) but it’s a photo that you’ll be proud of owing for the rest of your life (like me!).

Photos to Remember

I would never recommend spending too much time peering through the lens of a camera to the detriment of enjoying your holiday whilst in Morocco, unless that is your hobby or passion, but Morocco is begging to be photographed and captured. How close and personal you get in taking photos of Moroccans is your decision, but can be an invasion of privacy so I suggest you stick to longer distance shots where possible or make sure you ask permission first to avoid offending the locals.