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Monday, 3 March 2014 12:00 AM

Sustainable Holidays in Morocco – What Is A Green Key?

The Green Key has been awarded to several of the accommodations in our portfolio. This is an international accreditation that has been awarded to around 2,300 establishments in total (hotels, campsites, restaurants and attractions) across 44 countries worldwide – but …

Who Awards the Green Key?

Starting in Denmark in 1994, the Green Key was adopted by the Foundation of Environmental Education (FEE) in 2002.

Green Key is an independent (non-governmental) and not for profit programme that is supported by the World Tourism Organisation and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP, “the voice for the environment in the UN system”). There is an administration centre in each participating country that assesses establishments against the local and international criteria.

What Does The Green Key Do?

The Green Key aims to:

  • Raise the awareness of leisure establishment staff and clients,
  • Increase the use of sustainable methods of operation and technology,
  • Run ecologically sound and responsible businesses, and thereby
  • Reduce resource and energy usage.

It is the largest eco-label for accommodation in the world. It is a voluntary label for tourism facilities, with the label awarded to facilities with positive environmental initiatives that promote sustainable tourism and aim to contribute to the prevention of climate change.

To get the Green Key label facilities (such as accommodations) must be assessed to be compliant with national or international criteria – these criteria must be easily understood and verifiable. For accommodation the programme has several aspects:

  • Education of staff and guests regarding environmental issues and sustainable development;
  • Environmental preservation by the reduction of the environmental impact of the establishment;
  • Economic management (reduction in costs) through reduction in consumption;
  • Marketing and promotion of the Green Key label and the establishments holding it;

Establishments, in addition to having the prestige of having the label, often benefit from financial savings of resources (energy, water, food etc) and a better environment for guests and staff.

Accommodations with a Green Key in Our Portfolio

In total 44 hotels, hostels and guest houses currently hold the Green Key label in Morocco. Of these, Naturally Morocco uses: