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Wednesday, 2 April 2014 12:00 AM

Sustainable Holidays in Morocco – Carbon Offset on Flights

Flights to Morocco and Climate Change

Barely a day goes by nowadays without there being an article in the press on the reported links between climate change and man-made carbon release, and there is general consensus that human activities are driving climate change.

Whilst there are many aspects of human activity that release carbon into our atmosphere, within international tourism the most significant is the element of international flights – for Naturally Morocco obviously those made by our guests to Morocco.

Naturally Morocco Buys Carbon Offset from Climatecare

Naturally Morocco has always promoted carbon offset to our guests on its flights and we have used the Climatecare organisation for more than a decade for our carbon offset when a customer has chosen to purchase such.

Climatecare is one of many organisations offering the purchase of carbon offset on flights, and works on many projects and with many partners to meet its aims – projects ranging from replanting rainforest to providing clean cookstoves.

It is an award winner in this area and Naturally Morocco plans to continue to use this organisation for carbon offset, although we do intermittently look at other suppliers.

Carbon release On Flights from the UK to Morocco

Climatecare estimates that on a standard return flight from London to Marrakech, a journey of around 2,850 miles, the carbon emissions relating to a single passenger with standard baggage is around 0.50 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Climatecare charges £3.78 to offset that carbon footprint created for a return flight from London to Marrakech, which is then invested in its projects.

Your Choice For Your Holiday

It is your choice whether you wish to opt for this extra cost as part of your total holiday cost. It is a personal decision for you to make depending on your attitude to climate change (and its link to carbon release), your personal financial position and your lifestyle.

If you do decide to opt for carbon offset for your flight then you may do so as part of your booking with Naturally Morocco or purchase the offset credits from Climatecare or one of the many other similar organisations.

Naturally Morocco is a keen supporter of responsible tourism.