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Monday, 4 August 2014 12:00 AM

Surfing Holidays in Morocco

Morocco is blessed with an enormous coastline on the Atlantic and warm or hot air temperatures virtually all year round that, coupled with a good seasonal swell, makes Morocco a great surfing holiday destination. Hard-core surfers may wish to seek out that hidden break and camp as far from the tourist trail as possible ignoring the fact that they are in Morocco, but for many other holiday makers a little comfort and culture is a great thing to combine with time on the water.

The Endless Summer Road Trip

Hard-core surfers may head on a road trip adventure through Spain, across the Strait of Gibraltar and down the length of the country looking for the out of the way secret  spots in their campervan and spend countless hours in the surf in an endless summer – but such dedication is not for all, and with a little planning a surf holiday can be so much more for so many more people.

The trip may end up in the Western Sahara where towns and villages are further apart but, due to the disputed nature of the region, we do not offer options in that area.

The More Rounded Holiday

For those wishing a little comfort on a holiday, good transfers and decent accommodation are a must and can be found at reasonable prices - this is where Naturally Morocco comes in to help.

The most obvious destinations for beginner to intermediates are Essaouira and, a little more secluded, Oualidia. Both towns have excellent beaches with kit hire and tuition available (best to book it once you are there in case the conditions are not suitable), good accommodation (Essaouira has a great range of options, Oualidia focusses more on the higher quality hotels) and interesting Moroccan towns. Both also have a range of surf breaks in other locations nearby which your surf hire shop can advise on.

Naturally Morocco can also easily create a 2 centre holiday for a mix of beach time and something more cultural. Later this year we will be launching an accommodation in Tazaghout (just north of Agadir) which is famed for its quality surf, but the accommodation offers yoga and so much more, and we will be able to offer further cultural day trips (or longer) from there to Taroudant and the Atlas mountain foothills.

Holiday Practicalities

Taking your own board is always a temptation but not always advisable. Budget airlines keep increasing their charges for oversized luggage, damage is easily incurred in transit and local hire charges for weekly rental make the economics marginal.

Peak surf times are in the winter (water temperatures then suggest a short wetsuit is suitable), but small useable waves may be found even in peak summer (board shorts and UV protecting long-sleeve rash vest advisable) when the strongest sea breezes make windsurfing and kitesurfing generally more attractive.