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Friday, 25 July 2014 12:00 AM

Sue Visits Taroudant

Sue, one of our travel consultants based here in the UK is currently doing a tour in southern Morocco and is exploring some classic holiday destinations.

In the first half of her trip she spent time in Marrakech and Essaouira, which work excellently as a 2-centre holiday in a week. Then she headed south down to Agadir checking out a few places on the way, and I look forward to hearing her full assessment of those new places and possibly launching them in our portfolio in the not too distant future.

As her final major stop Sue has headed on to Taroudant in the South of Morocco, a short drive inland from Agadir.


Sue and her sister have stayed in Palais Oumensour in the heart of the medina of Taroudant, one of my favourite accommodations in Morocco – an atypical riad as it has rooms on only 3 sides of the central courtyard and the central courtyard itself is very spacious, which lends itself very well to relaxation in beautiful surroundings.

Palais Oumensour has always provided an excellent standard of service to our customers, and the manager has just shown Sue around their new accommodation situated a little outside Taroudant. I am desperate to hear more of this new offering and, if it is anything like Palais Oumensour itself, it should be wonderful and the photos shown are very positive.

Taroudant is also home to our Real Morocco programme and I’m sure Sue has found a little time to catch up with our team based there.

Marrakech and Home

Not long now until Sue heads home but first she’s got a little time back in Marrakech with some continuing classic riads, including Riad El Zohar, which has been consistently excellent for as long as I can remember.

The end of Ramadan and the feast of Eid must be a great time to be in Morocco, with Moroccans spending that special time with their close family and friends. Ramadan in peak summer heat this year must have been harder than at many other times, and I have great respect for those that observe it.

Unfortunately Sue’s time in Morocco is only the start of her hard work associated with the trip. Next its back to the office to brief the rest of the team on changes, developments and to discuss new ideas – those accommodation that get accepted after vigorous testing will eventually (after dull legal work and web site brochure creation) be launched to our customers.

Then another staff trip is complete and we can plan for the next.