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Tuesday, 22 July 2014 12:00 AM

Sue Visits Marrakech and Essaouira

Wow, Sue has been busy – although the photos look like a holiday trip Sue, one of our travel consultants, and her sister Marion have really been hard at it exploring parts of Morocco.

Starting In Marrakech

Mid July in Marrakech and in Ramadan as well – Sue is a hardy traveller.

Alwachma is a riad I have been planning on visiting for some time now and I have heard great things about, and Sue’s photo of the classic Moroccan décor reminds me to do so next time.

Looks like Sue has explored a few new riads, which might end up in our portfolio if they meet are high standards – one of the best in their price bracket with excellent staff and great location. Sitting on a roof terrace past midnight enjoying the cooler temperatures at that time sounds rather appealing, there’s something rather soothing about that time of night when the sounds are quite different from in the day time.

Then On To Essaouira

Amazing view from Perle d’Eau. I’ve stayed a few times in Essaouira but never in the ramparts of the medina, and I can easily see why Perle d’Eau is so highly rated, I’m jealous again.

If Sue got caught out by the price of a baggagiste then there’s little hope for most of the rest of us, I lose count of the number of times Sue’s been in Morocco. So it is a good top tip to haggle before handing over your bags, and the same tip for before using a local taxi.

Never heard of the hot spoon on a mosquito bite before – rather a random idea and wouldn’t have thought it worked, but I trust Sue enough to give it a go next time (I have mozzies).

Palais Des Ramparts sounds an interesting accommodation, but will it be good enough to get into our portfolio? – we’ll find out in a week or so.

A Classic 2-Centre Holiday In Morocco

Marrakech and Essaouira combine beautifully for a week’s holiday (although Sue has swapped riads a lot, is heading on further through Morocco and is travelling at around the hottest time of year).

Marrakech is one of the most convenient ports of arrival with the greatest selection of international flight routes, an interesting medina and great accommodation.

Essaouira is a comfortable drive away on the Atlantic coast, with a far smaller walled medina but also boasting a wonderful sandy beach and a good selection of accommodation.

Sue’s trip is heading elsewhere, but another option would be to stay in the High Atlas mountains, a short drive south of Marrakech – an alternative depending on what you want in a holiday, culture, sun, scenery, relaxation …