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Friday, 23 May 2014 12:00 AM

Pools In Morocco

The summer heat is fast approaching in Morocco and average temperatures across the country are already wonderful, so we can turn our attention to making sure that your holiday is comfortable.

For many or probably most holiday makers to Morocco a pool is important when the heat is high, whether it is for a cooling plunge at the end of an afternoon exploring a medina or a quick dip whilst relaxing in a beautiful garden of an accommodation.

Our accommodation finder (advanced filter) can help you find the right accommodation for your holiday and allow you to search for those with a pool if you wish, and the detailed write up of each accommodation contains details of the pool if it has one.

Here we quickly discuss pools in Morocco to ensure your expectations are set correctly.

A Pool or a Pool?

Space within medinas, where most riads are situated, is tight and, whilst the central courtyard or roof terrace lends itself to having a pool, almost all pools in riads are plunge pools. Note that not all riads even have a plunge pool.

Plunge pools are there for a cooling dip, not for doing lengths, and are typically in a relatively public area. We say “relatively public” as riads are small and are closed to non-guests so the number of passers-by are limited to the very few guests staying there, but whether the pool is on the terrace (with lovely views across the medina or to mountains beyond) or in the enclosed central courtyard (in the more shaded and therefore normally cooler part of the riad) other guests may be relaxing nearby in a relatively confined space.

Away from the medinas, whether it be close to the coast, in the countryside, up in the mountains (e.g. Kasbah Angour) or in the Marrakech Palmery (e.g. Dar Ayniwen), pools are normally swimming pools – of very variable size. Whether they are heated or not away from the summer is a moot point, as they will not be heated in summer (yes – they will feel chilly as you plunge in from the heat but, once in, should be lovely).

There are a few large water-parks a short drive outside of Marrakech, with huge pools and slides suitable for families. Whilst these are not particularly cheap, then do offer an excellent day out for families with children of the right age.

Clean and Safe are Relative Terms

Safety of pools has gone to a new level in Europe in recent years, for example with the French insisting on pool alarms and locked gates on threat of heavy fines, but Morocco has not gone down this route yet.

Moroccan pools are normally unfenced, with little or no life-saving equipment and certainly no life-guard in attendance. They are pools for use by residents at their own risk like we had in the past and a little common sense (especially if you have children) is all that is needed.

Equally do not expect pools in Morocco to be immaculate at all times, especially those in more remote locations. Moroccan pools generally have far fewer chemicals used on them so, whilst they may not look as crystal clear as that at your local public pool at home, they are perfectly fine to use and a few leaves and a twig or two at the bottom if left for a day isn’t going to hurt you (but generally they are kept very clean during the months when they are likely to be used).

Moroccan pools are a lovely part of a holiday in Morocco when the heat builds up, I hope that you enjoy them.