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Friday, 16 June 2017 03:00 PM

Morocco in December

It may seem a little early in the year to talk about visiting Morocco in December, but it’s surprising how cheap flights can be at this time of year so best to get in there early and book your seats!

Travelling to Morocco in December can be, for some, a great time of year to visit. The temperatures are pleasantly warm, the skies are crystal clear, the air is crisp and is great for photography enthusiasts (like me)!

High Atlas Mountains

Travelling in early to mid-December is a reasonable time to visit (before the busy/expensive Christmas period begins), flight prices can be well priced (if booked in advance) and accommodations are low season so can be perfect for those who want to avoid the extreme temperatures in the summer months. The climate is much cooler in December but daytime temperatures are pleasantly warm and great for professional photographers (or enthusiastic amateurs) to get clear shots without the 'heat haze' that appears during the summer months that can sometimes distort a beautiful landscape when trying to photograph it. Fresh air, magnificent blue skies and combine this with some spectacular landscapes makes for some super photography and a most enjoyable trip.


While daytime temperatures are surprisingly warm (t-shirt weather) and still warm enough to eat breakfast on the roof terrace, this can be a somewhat novelty for us Brits who, by the time December comes, have already dug out their winter woollies, scarves, hats and gloves (well I have and am suitably wrapped up for our usually cold weather in December). The prospect of sitting outside at breakfast time at home (or any other time of the day) in the warm sunshine is an alien notion for us in the UK during December. 

Having chosen to take one of my work trips last year in December, I was delighted to be served breakfast on the roof terrace, sit in the sunshine with my morning cup of coffee and plan ahead for a day in Marrakech and get some work done. Evenings can feel a little nippy though so a warm jumper/jacket is recommended if planning to eat out at one of the many restaurants Marrakech has to offer. 


Shortly after a visit to Marrakech, we headed south to the beautiful Atlas Mountains and despite having seen them before, I still felt a tingle of excitement when I saw them again, only this time the higher peaks were dusted in snow and incredibly beautiful. I couldn't resist asking our driver to pull over several times so I could photograph them at various intervals (which he was very obliging). Upon arrival, I was able to peacefully work on the terrace with my welcome mint tea in the warm afternoon sunshine (still in a t-shirt I might add) with magnificent views and surprised at how warm it was at the higher altitudes even up until 4 o’clock in the afternoon; still not a cloud in the sky. While the temperatures were lovely and warm during the day, do be warned that the fresh crisp air of the Atlas Mountains can become rather cold at night but this is rewarded by a magnificent view of the stars as there is very little light pollution in the mountains at night time. So dependent on your tolerances to temperatures, it is well recommended to take some warm layers to add on as you need them when the sun drops and in the morning before it rises if you are an early bird.


So if you fancy a bit of winter sun before Christmas for a short break (or even a little longer to spread out into the mountains or other areas), flights for early December are available from a variety of UK airports to Marrakech and very reasonably priced so why not take advantage of some winter sunshine and visit 'Morocco in December'....