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Friday, 27 November 2015 12:00 AM

Morocco Holidays for the More Mature Travellers

Naturally Morocco is here to help. We are here to help you find the right region in Morocco, the right accommodation and the right transport. As well as advising on the right things for you to do, finally but most importantly, we are here to cover any and every question you have during the booking process to make sure you are well prepared for your holiday in Morocco.

Morocco Regions

Morocco has a huge range of geography on offer and the “silver traveller” (not the greatest title, but one I have heard used a lot recently) can be as adventurous as they wish.

From the deep desert to the rich culture of the northern Imperial cities there are plenty of options to choose from. These are no different to those for the younger generations, but perhaps the number taking a camel trek in the desert will be different.

Morocco Accommodation

The culture of Morocco comes through in abundance as you step into your riad or Kasbah, typical Moroccan family accommodation that Naturally Morocco specialises in. Riads vary enormously in style, location and depth of comfort and those seeking a comfortable holiday need to choose wisely.

Again this has no difference between the generations, but whilst the younger crowds may have a tighter budget and are willing to surf the internet and try to find their accommodation based on written users reviews, there is added security that Naturally Morocco intimately knows every accommodation it offers is a major advantage. Reading user reviews are great in their own way, but talking to an expert is something quite different.

Transport in Morocco

Perhaps this is where there is the least difference between generations. The train routes north from Marrakech are excellent for all, and the choice of self-drive or car with driver for other routes elsewhere has less to do with age than personal style. My parents loved their recent self-driving holiday over the High Atlas and into the southern regions, but I know many of my friends in their 40s would prefer a driver.

The Right Things To Do

Perhaps the more mature guests we have prefer the cultural aspects and some casual mountain walking, whilst the younger want more time on the beach (kite surfing is open to all ages …) but that is such a subjective view that I don’t want to be held to.

Naturally Morocco Helps You

We have the expertise. Not everyone wants that, some preferring a bit of shot in the dark, but for our guests we are happy to answer any question no matter how seemingly small, that is what we are here for. Whether you are a younger or older holiday maker, we can help you choose the right holiday.