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Monday, 15 June 2015 12:00 AM

Morocco - A Great Different Holiday

Morocco is different from Europe, which is why it so appealing as a holiday destination; but it is different from Europe, which is why some holiday makers have a little trepidation before their trip.

Don’t be worried, the accommodation, transport and food and drink are all excellent, and the culture and sensory feast is the reason to go.

Superb Accommodation

From its hippy origins Morocco has grown into a world class destination (recently voted top destination in Trip Advisor) supported by excellent accommodation.

Naturally Morocco focusses on riads in the medinas and kasbahs in the rural destinations – places with character to give you a taste of Morocco, yet with a huge range of styles and prices. We do not offer the multitude of bland and functional hotels scattered just outside the medina that catering for the cheap and cheerful weekend away, but these are easy to find.

Accommodation should not be of any concern if you choose wisely.

Professional Transfers

We encourage our guests to see more than just one place during their stay, not to rush around but to see a little variety to make the most of their holiday, hence internal transport is needed.

Heading north from Marrakech up to Rabat and Fez is an excellent train network – comfortable, well priced, reliable - which we can help you arrange if you are our guest. Elsewhere we arrange comfortable transport in cars with professional drivers and, as we have been working in Morocco for almost 2 decades now, we know how to get the best Moroccan drivers.

Food and Drink

Moroccan cuisine focusses on spiced dishes, of which the tagine is the most widely recognised but which comes in many different forms. However, our accommodations will typically set you up with a continental style breakfast with a Moroccan twist – great coffee, orange juice and Moroccan pan cakes and Moroccan honey is most common.

Later on in the day do try the street food for a little bite, I’ve been eating from street stalls for many years and have never had a stomach problem.

Bottled water can be found everywhere and we do recommend you stick to this, making sure you have plenty of water as the temperature rises. Alcohol can be found in many restaurants in the major destinations and in many riads, but occasionally you might not find an evening tipple.

Book With Naturally Morocco And Travel With Confidence

Morocco is a short flight away but your daily excursions and wanderings in Morocco will seem a million miles away from Europe, a delight for your senses but the fundamental basics underpinning your holiday will ensure that you have the comfort to allow you to enjoy your holiday.