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Friday, 3 April 2015 12:00 AM

Marrakech – Trip Advisor’s Travellers’ Choice

We at Naturally Morocco have known for some time that Marrakech is something special as a holiday destination – easily accessible, wonderful climate and people, excellent accommodation and plenty of interest in and around the city.

Now Trip Advisor has announced its Travellers’ Choice Awards for 2015, which is based on reviews of travellers voting on their system, and in first place is Marrakech. We have no idea how the voting or grading or marking works, but in summary they state:

"Marrakech is a magical place, brimming with markets, gardens, palaces, and mosques. Exploring the intimate courtyards and snaking alleyways of the historic Medina can easily eat up a day. Find inner peace at the serene Jardin Majorelle or take in the beauty of one of the city’s historic mosques."

So Marrakech has been voted above London, Rome, Paris, Cape Town, New York, Barcelona, Kathmandu, Athens, Hong Kong and Sydney amongst others in the top 25 in this year’s list. Trip Advisor seems to like making lists and ranking things, albeit a holiday experience is wholly subjective.

Marrakech – its strengths

Marrakech certainly does have its strengths:

For UK and the rest of Europe it is easily accessible – regular cheap (low season) and relatively short flights.

It is the closest Islamic country to the UK and is very welcoming, an eye opener in times when it is important to stretch your experiences rather than become more blinkered.

It has a fascinating history, which visitors can easily taste today by staying in one of the exceptional riads (historic family houses now converted into a boutique hotel in the medina) or wandering the souks.

Other than in peak winter and peak summer the climate is wonderful by most standards, and a holiday won’t cost an arm or a leg as prices are fairly keen by comparison to most other common destinations.

It is a city destination but is close to a whole range of other opportunities, from stunning mountains, to huge beaches and never ending deserts.

Marrakech – just the start of Morocco

Marrakech is the highest profile destination in Morocco and, unfortunately, dominates the tourist crowd, but that does mean that the other excellent destinations are rather underwhelmed by tourism – a bonus for those willing to venture out on a more interesting holiday.

The souks of other towns and cities are far more interesting in my personal opinion due to the fact they are not focussed on the passing tourists yet the fundamentals that make Marrakech so appealing still apply – easily accessible, welcoming Islamic culture, wonderful climate and geography.

So give Naturally Morocco a call to talk though what appeal to you – Imperial cities, Berber towns, Atlantic beaches, Saharan desert or vast High Atlas mountains.