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Monday, 17 November 2014 12:00 AM

Karen Reminisces of Morocco

Karen, one of our senior travel consultants in the UK, has just returned from her latest trip to Morocco - a work trip not a holiday but checking out a route from Marrakech to the desert that does offer an exciting holiday for those interested in something different - city ( Marrakech ), moutains ( High Atlas mountains ), oasis ( Skoura ), World heritage site ( Ait Benhaddou ), desert and dunes ( Zagora and  M’Hamid ).

Below are her words written as she returned, which I hope give you the urge to talk to her soon and to follow her steps. She travelled in early November.

Karen's Memories of Morocco

Ahhhh... Morocco, I thought as I stepped off our flight 2 weeks ago. I felt the warmth, smelt the air and I was so excited about our adventure to the Sahara desert. Even in November, the temperature at 8pm was still reaching 28 degrees. 

A ten night trip, travelling over three beautiful mountain passes, Saharan dunes, stunning natural landscapes and spectacular rock formations, meeting wonderful people, listening to the calls to prayer, eating delicious food and to top it off, lovely weather. My trip which covered approximately 1500 kilometres, unfortunately came to an end too soon. Morocco certainly is a feast of your senses!l

I was always curious as a young girl about far away lands, in particularly the exotic continent of Africa. Many years later I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to explore Morocco, a peaceful and beautiful country of North Africa. 

This was my 8th trip to Morocco, my first an introductory trip in 2009; five annual work trips, one wedding and one holiday. Five years later I still wait with great anticipation of where my next visit will take me. This time my adventure took me on an exploration of the south, through the beautiful Draa Valley to Zagora and beyond to the remote location of M'Hamid and the Saharan dunes of Erg Lihoudi. I just love my job! 

As I sat on the plane on the way home to Bristol (a relatively short flight; only 3.5 hours from the UK to Marrakech) preparing myself for the drop in temperature (jumper & boots at the ready), I reminisced about my adventure, new discoveries made, stunning scenery, cultural experiences, meeting old friends and staying in some wonderful traditional Moroccan accommodations.

If you missed my posts and photos of my recent trip, you can still check my entries on Facebook of where I visited and places I stayed along the way. 

For now, another Moroccan adventure is over, but my memories and over 600 photos of this fantastic trip will stay with me forever.