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Insurance on your Moroccan Holiday

Naturally Morocco requires all of our customers to have adequate travel insurance as part of our terms and conditions. This is for your protection to cover you for unforeseen and unfortunate events, that could result in financial loss to you.

All of our suppliers are required to have Professional Indemnity Insurance, to cover you if there is any damage through a negligent act. Obviously we and our suppliers always work to avoid such occurrences and in practice the risk here is minimal. Naturally Morocco also has Tour Operators Insurance to act as umbrella insurance over that risk.

However, it is beyond that area that personal travel insurance is needed.

Travel Insurance

After you have booked and committed to your holiday, if you are taken ill and cannot travel then there are likely to be costs involved in changing or cancelling your bookings, which is where your insurance comes into effect.

Alternatively if you have a medical problem while you are in Morocco and need to change your booking, again there may be significant costs involved and travel insurance should cover you for any financial losses.

Another scenario that unfortunately has occurred in the recent past is where flights have been cancelled, for instance due to air traffic control industrial action, volcanic ash clouds or severe adverse weather. Whilst the flight company has an obligation to get you home and to cover additional reasonable living costs before repatriation, or to reimburse your flight if you are yet to travel, there may be additional costs that the flight company does not cover.

All in all, insurance is a personal issue but Naturally Morocco requires its customers to have travel insurance as a standard requirement. Whilst we do not check that you have cover in place, if the unforeseen and unfortunate events occur during your holiday that result in financial loss you will be more than glad that you had the right insurance in place.

Insurance is getting ever more open to price comparison, so do ensure that you are choosing the right insurance policy for your holiday and needs, as insurance companies are generally very good at spotting exceptions and trying to avoid paying out. Not all insurance will cover for events such as ash cloud delays, you may need special insurance if you plan to go hiking in the High Atlas, Surfing in the Atlantic or camel riding in the Sahara, so make sure that you check all the details before you buy.

Enjoy your holiday with peace of mind that if anything were to go wrong, you will be ok.