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Wednesday, 20 May 2015 12:00 AM

If Your Morocco Holiday Isn’t Perfect

A holiday in Morocco is, in many ways, similar to a holiday to any other destination. As for any other destination it is possible that something happens during your holiday that is not quite right and could be made better although for the vast majority of customers everything will go well.

The problem is that if something isn’t right you need to say something in a timely manner. Luckily, if you are travelling with Naturally Morocco we are here to help; unfortunately, if you go it alone you are on your own to sort things out.

Learn To Complain … nicely.

As a generalisation the trouble with the British is that we don’t like to make a fuss. If something isn’t quite right they like to bottle it up and not say a word and, if we do say a word, it’s often said after the event when it’s too late to correct the problem.

Don’t be shy. Talk through any possible problem early so then you can enjoy your holiday.

For example, Naturally Morocco has drivers and guides instructed to discuss options with you and not to encourage you to their cousin’s shop; however, some drivers and guides may do, which may be annoying. At the first instance or sign of this a polite “we have no interest in shopping today but will let you know if we change our minds or see something interesting” or words to that effect should stop possible annoyance before it can take root.

Equally, Naturally Morocco has a portfolio of accommodation that has proved to provide excellent levels of service over the years in their various price categories; however, it is possible that the service in a riad you are using isn’t up to a level that should reasonably be expected – perhaps the hot water isn’t hot enough or there is too much noise as breakfast is being prepared. Again a polite word with the manager as soon as is practical can stop it recurring and allow you to enjoy your holiday to the full.

Morocco Is Morocco

Perhaps part of the problem, in addition to a British reserve, is not knowing what should reasonably be expected in Morocco. Levels of service and value for price is all relative and can vary considerably from country to country – the service at a youth hostel in Nepal should not be compared to that in a 7-star hotel in Dubai.

Whilst experience of Morocco can only give you the knowledge of relative scale, Morocco is a significant tourist destination and the accommodation, transport and other areas of tourism have had many years to develop to cater for western tastes and demands. Therefore, it should all be of good quality.

Therefore, trust your instincts but be aware of what you have booked (an ancient Kasbah in the mountains or a deluxe boutique hotel in the Marrakech palmery will be different). If something seems unreasonable say so with a smile on your face, don’t bottle it up and let it affect your holiday.

Naturally Morocco is here to help you create an excellent and enjoyable holiday for you. If you are travelling with us, we are here to make sure things go smoothly.