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Monday, 31 August 2015 12:00 AM

Ideas for Holidays in Morocco in October

Wow, Didn’t Our Summer Go Fast

Its lucky then that Morocco is coming into its prime for a holiday in October - the summer peak heat has and everywhere in Morocco is wonderful to visit. Along with September and the spring most holiday makers should find the temperature excellent at this time of year – mid 20s deg C average temperatures across the board other than in the southern desert regions, but even here the temperature is a relatively comfortable 30 deg C average.

But it is worth noting that, after a long hot and dry summer, Morocco starts to have rain at times in October – the countryside needs it and it is just luck whether it will affect you, but the risk of rain exists, especially in the more northerly destinations.

So, choice … choices

The Desert Adventure

If you want an adventure to the desert, October is normally the ideal month – not too hot, but evenings not too chilly.

The desert isn’t for everyone (it is a long distance to travel), but it’s there for those holiday makers who want an adventure. Also, in Morocco a journey to the desert is as much about the journey to and from as it is about your experience in the desert.

In the desert the landscapes are breath taking and the experience of riding a camel into the dunes for an overnight camp is one that you will not forget in a hurry.

But on route to the desert you will drive through and stay at wonderful places away from the tourist trail. Flying into Marrakech (the most obvious point of entry, although flights into Agadir or Fez can also work well) you travel across the High Atlas mountains and into the valleys of the southern foothills before emerging into the oasis regions and valleys heading into the desert.

Take your time, don’t rush and talk to our team about possibilities on the way.

Where Else

That was a lot on the desert, but worth highlighting due to the excellent timing, so lets not forget the huge variety of destinations that Morocco has to offer –

Morocco’s Atlantic coastal towns are very pleasant in October. Whilst they typically are around only early 20s deg C, the stronger summer winds have largely gone so the region is a place to relax. The various destinations have their own merits, so talk to us about the options – Essaouira, a medina town with a huge sandy beach and an excellent selection of accommodation; Oualidia, is small town set by a beautiful lagoon a little further from Marrakech but also a more exclusive; the Souss Massa National Park and Mirleft to the south of Agadir, beautiful places and away from the tourist trail.

The Imperial Cities of the north are filled with history and simple to travel between due to the excellent rail network. The sister cities of Fez and Meknes are close geographically but are entirely different in nature; Rabat on the Atlantic coast has fewer visitors yet has a fascinating medina and is a lovely place to exploring. If you fancy an adventure you can also head up from Fez/ Meknes to the beautiful Chefchaouen, a remote small town with a stunning backdrop of the Rif mountain scenery.

That’s Just A Taste of Morocco

Naturally Morocco are experts in creating bespoke Morocco holidays – everyone has their own personal preferences so talk to us to find what is right for you