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Monday, 30 March 2015 12:00 AM

Ideas for Holidays in Morocco in May

Late Spring and early Autumn are classic times to visit Morocco.  In May the whole of Morocco is pleasantly hot – a relative statement which I’ll give facts on below – and rainfall is minimal.

Whether it’s a city break, the peace in the mountains, time on the beach or an adventure to the desert, May is a great time to go.

BUT nothing is perfect – the school holidays at the end of the month will mean that flight prices will shoot up, accommodation costs are likely to increase and availability may be limited, so plan round that period if you don’t have adorable little ones in tow on your holiday.

The Imperial Cities

The Imperial Cities of Marrakech, Rabat, Meknes and Fez are now coming into their best period for holidays in my opinion. Each is unique, offering a different experience and perspective on Morocco, yet all are warm in May – pleasantly warm (ranging from 22 deg C average in Rabat on the coast up to 27 deg C  average in Marrakech inland and further south ) with almost minimal rain. 

In another month Marrakech, Meknes and Fez will be hitting 30 deg C on average in the day, so serious gentle meandering will need to go even slower, but in May it is just that few degrees cooler and evening temperature are pleasant.

For those just starting their search for an interesting holiday in Morocco, these cities are linked by a relatively very good train network - Meknes and Fez are around an hour away from each other Rabat around 3 hours further on from Meknes and finally Marrakech another 4 hours further still. Also all have a great selection of accommodation with classic raids available in each.

The Atlantic Coast

Morocco’s huge Atlantic coast is warming up nicely in May (early to mid 20s deg C average), so time on the beach can be very pleasant. In peak summer the region can be busy, the sun can be very strong and sea breezes significant, but that is still a long way off in May.

Agadir is a mass tourist beach destination with large hotels scattered along its beach, and so we suggest getting away from there and try Mirleft (to the south), Essaouria or Oualidia – each being beautiful places to relax.

Essaouira has a quick road link to Marrakech, hence the 2 fit nicely together in a week. It is a picturesque medina town on the Atlantic coast with watersports available. Oualidia is an extra hour’s drive but is an interesting alternative for those wishing to escape the obvious and enjoy the peace of the stunning lagoon and top class accommodation. For those flying into Agadir, the region around Agadir and down towards the Souss Massa National Park are interesting options.

The Desert is starting to Heat Up

What is a pleasant temperature to travel in is a personal assessment and everyone is different, but the Saharan desert region is warming up by May (mid 30s deg C average) and will hit 40 deg C in late June through to early September, which is uncomfortable for most holiday makers.  So, whilst never too late to get to the desert for a bit of camel or horse riding through the dunes and sleeping in Berber tents at night, time before the great heat is limited.

Taroudant, a medina town in the south, and the region down in to the Anti Atlas region - the agadirs (fortified houses) around Tafraoute in the beautiful Amelyn Valley, and the Souss Massa National Park south of Agadir – are typically around the mod 20s deg C in May, so are still a great option.