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Thursday, 30 April 2015 12:00 AM

Ideas for Holidays in Morocco in June

In June Morocco is starting to warm up significantly in many areas, especially the south and inland areas, and is the last month before the high summer heat effectively limits the comfortable areas to visit.  In June the whole of Morocco is pleasantly hot – a relative statement which I’ll give facts on below – and rainfall is minimal.

Classic places to visit in June include the Imperial cities, which have shaken off any last hangover of winter rains but haven’t yet succumbed to the summer inland heat, so holidays to Fez, Meknes and Marrakech are ideal. Additionally the coastal resorts of Oualidia, Essaouira and Agadir are coming into their prime in June, but other places including the High Atlas mountain region are also beautiful places in June.

The Imperial Cities

Marrakech, (and in Morocco’s more northerly region) Rabat, Meknes and Fez - Morocco’s  Imperial Cities - are at their best in June in my opinion with average temperatures around 30 deg C (mid 20s deg C for Rabat on the coast) and minimal rain. In July Marrakech, Meknes and Fez temperatures will be hitting an average mid 30s deg C so doing serious sightseeing will be curtailed for most visitors after June until the autumn, but in June temperatures will not have reached those peaks and evening temperature should be very pleasant.

Each of these Imperial cities is unique and offers a different experience and perspective on Morocco, and are linked by a relatively very good train network – starting from Marrakech  it is around 4 hours to Rabat and then 3 hours more to Meknes and a final hour to Fez – so including more than 1 destination in your holiday is relatively easy and comfortable. Whilst Marrakech and Fez have a great selection of accommodation, even Rabat and Meknes have classic raids available.

The Atlantic Coast

In June Morocco’s huge Atlantic coast is warming up nicely – Essaouira, Oualidia and Agadir have average temperatures of early to mid 20s deg C (and rainfall is typically almost nil) - so time on the beach can be very pleasant. In July and August these towns and cities can be busy, the sunshine can be very strong and there can be significant sea breezes, so holidays to these destinations in June is preferable for many visitors.

Essaouira is a classic Moroccan destination with a good road link to Marrakech (thus making them a great 2 centre holiday). It has a picturesque medina and a huge sandy beach with watersports available. Oualidia is harder to get to (an extra hour’s drive than Essaouira) but is an interesting alternative for those seeking the peace of the stunning lagoon and top class accommodation.

Agadir is full of large beach-side hotels catering to mass tourist, which we do not promote, so we suggest Mirleft (to the south) as a beautiful places to relax in that region, or down towards the Souss Massa National Park as interesting options.

The Desert is starting to get hot

Heat is relative, and what is too hot is subjective, but for most visitors to Morocco the Saharan desert region is becoming rather too warm for comfort (late 30s deg C average) and will hit the early 40 deg C in July to early September.  So, whilst every holiday maker has their own wishes, we would suggest planning ahead to the Autumn for a trip to the desert - for a camel or horse riding over the dunes and camping in Berber tents.