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Friday, 13 November 2015 12:00 AM

Ideas for Holidays in Morocco in January

The midwinter in the UK is a bleak place, but with warm weather, off-season flight prices and some special offers available on accommodation, Morocco offers a great holiday and a great escape, especially to the more southerly destinations – perhaps the culture of Taroudant or the adventure of the desert.

A Holiday in Morocco’s south – a warm escape

Morocco is a temperate country and relative to the UK is pleasant in everywhere in January, with average temperature ranging from 16 deg Celsius in Tangier/ Fez and Meknes (the more northerly cities) to 20/ 21 deg Celsius in Taroudant/ Zagora in the south and south west desert region.

However, even with pleasant daytime temperatures the evenings and nights everywhere can be chilly. Also driving south from Marrakech (the main port of entry into Morocco) may necessitate heading over the High Atlas mountains, which will have snow in mid winter.

January is the wettest month, again everything is relative – compared the wet months in the UK, Moroccan rainfall is modest but can come in downpours. The north is the westest region, with 8-10cm from Rabat/ Meknes up to Tangier, but even the south has rain 1-3cm from the desert to Taroudant/ Marrakech.

So it is easy to see why we tend to suggest heading south for that more pleasant winter holiday; however, everyone is different, and the more northerly destinations will be much quieter in Janary than at other times of year.

Taroudant, Anti-Atlas and the Souss

Taroudant in an interesting town nestled in Morocco’s south and is worth a few days stay in its own right - offering various options of cultural insight - and is a good base from which to explore further south.

Heading from there to the coast takes you to the Souss Massa National Park (south of Agadir). There there is a great variety of wildlife at most times of the year although the peak seasons for bird spotting are November and around April when the migratory birds move through,.

Travelling to the south takes you into the little explored region of the Anti Atlas with Tafraoute in the beautiful Amelyn Valley a good stopping off point, with numerous agadirs (fortified houses) to explore as you go – just beautiful and peaceful driving country to get lost in.

The Moroccan Desert Adventure

Heading to the Moroccan Sahara, to the dunes, camels, endless stars and Bedouin camps is a romantic notion, but it is also an excellent adventure. Your route, created around how you like to travel, takes you past the gorges of the southern High Atlas mountains and the oases and valleys of the old trading routes.

In summer the desert is too hot for most holiday makers and, whilst spring and autumn conditions are ideal for many, the winter months are also a great time to travel – the cooler airs making the long car journeys more pleasant.

Seemingly endless horizons and night skies, riding camels to a night camp and sleeping in a Berber tent await you after you drive to M’Hamid, the end of the paved road, with interesting stops in the Skoura oasis and Zagora en route.

Talk to Our Moroccan Experts

Our experts at Naturally Morocco know Morocco inside out and create wonderful bespoke Morocco holidays – everyone has their own personal preferences so talk to us to find what is right for you.