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Tuesday, 29 September 2015 12:00 AM

Ideas for Holidays in Morocco in December

Morocco - An Excellent Escape

Winter is settling in at home, its damp and chilly and the only thought is of Christmas and the nights drawing in further.

Why not take the opportunity to escape to Morocco for an early winter break. Temperatures are in their late teens deg C in general across most of the country, getting into the early 20s deg C in the southern regions and further inland towards the desert. Evenings will generally be chilly and we’ll find you the right accommodation to ensure that you are snug at night.

Marrakech in particular gets very busy in the peak holiday season, so if interested in an escape at that time book as soon as possible, but before then most cities and towns should be not too busy and could make a good time to explore.

The slight downside is that December and January are the rainy months (snow in the mountains – particularly relevant if interested in time in the High Atlas mountains), but its best to put that into context – on average there is around 10cm of rain in the month in the coastal more northerly cities (Rabat and Tangier, the wettest cities we provide accommodation in), yet in the desert there’s less than 1cm of rain.

So where to go? …

The Desert Adventure

Endless landscapes, comfortable daytime temperatures and the chance to ride on a camel through sand dunes to your desert camp for your evening meal and night in a Bedouin tent.

A desert adventure is very tempting for many of the more adventurous at home, and a holiday that you won’t forget in a long time, but its not an easy holiday – there’s a distance to travel and other places to explore on route, including the High Atlas mountains and valleys and the oases of the region.

We’ll make sure you travel at the right speed for you and have a holiday not an ordeal.

Christmas Shopping In Marrakech

Marrakech is the main port of entry for most holiday makers and, whilst rather focussed on tourists, it is an interesting city and has endless souks – full of simple gifts if you need to top up for Christmas.

Marrakech, an Imperial city of Morocco, can easily be fitted into a multi-centred trip. Full of history and every day bustle and has a large range of riads (traditional Moroccan family houses) to stay in.

Other Places To Consider

Head south from Marrakech into the High Atlas mountains or further still to drop down to the southern medina town of Taroudant. The mountain passes of the High Atlas are breath taking at any time of year (but can get snowy) and there’s plenty of options for accommodation where you’ll realise what its like to live without noise and light pollution. Taroudant will give you a taste for a genuine Moroccan town a world away from Marrakech, and here there are options to experience the Real Morocco at a leisurely pace.

Talk to Our Experts

Naturally Morocco are experts in creating bespoke Morocco holidays – everyone has their own personal preferences so talk to us to find what is right for you.